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SELLING: Modern chinese silver/gold coins-December 2013!!!


Welcome collectors and coin dealers in December,

Today I would like to offer you to buy some nice MCC.

My Sales Policy:

First of all, you can contact with me ONLY by email: cfrost1984@gmail.com
I will answer every email. My email address is not my paypal address.

Secondly, there are 3 ways of payment for the coin/coins which you would like to buy from me:

1) paypal as a gift,

2) transfer the money directly on my bank account here in China from your bank account,

3) the other way is though Western Union, which is the cheapers way.

Finally, the transport from China to anywhere in the world is FOR FREE!!!

All my coins which I offer for sale (graded or raw coins) are 100% GUARANTEED GENUINE!!!

I would like to mention is that I am small European coin dealer but I live in Shanghai, so the shipment will be from China.

Thank you and welcome to buy modern chinese silver/gold coins from me!:)
MCC1 - $169
MCC2 - $235
MCC3 - $149
MCC4 - $579
MCC5 - $419

MCC6 - $689
MCC7 - $1399
MCC8 - $319
MCC9 - $939
MCC10 - $599


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