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SELL: 2004 1/10 oz gold panda


I have (3) 2004 1/10th oz gold pandas, all brilliant uncirculated, in black 'o' rings and  capsules. One coin has a tiny red spot on the panda side. No coins have scratches that I could find. All should grade 68, 69, or less likely 70.

$500 USD per coin, will consider slightly lower offers.

International buyers must pay any PayPal fees. I will not pay those fees. If you are an international buyer and you really want these coins, we can work something out.

I will post pictures by tomorrow afternoon. PN me with your email address and I can send them to you tonight or tomorrow.

I have an offer from a local dealer to buy them at $450, and I would not have to pay shipping for this sale. Therefore, I am looking for offers at or above $460. Shipping in a priority mail SFRB would be included in the price.


All coins in similar condition.


--- Quote from: Mirkkanen on December 13, 2013, 05:07:23 AM ---All coins in similar or better condition (this is the one w/ tiny red spot).

--- End quote ---

All coins sold, thank you.


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