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Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!

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   Emerging Market Group  4/27/13 

   Why Gold will stay flat or go DOWN!!!!!

1. Gold does not produce anything.

2. Gold does not make the states any money!

3. Gold does not make the Government any money!

4. The higher ups (buffet, etc) have even put there stamp of disapproval

on this "Barbaric Relic" , There words not mine.

5. Gold is a hindrance to states & government, new laws, new regulations,
new policing....In there minds attracts criminals.

6. Gold is difficult to track, monitor, tax, etc in there minds.

7. Increase's the individual's PRIVATE wealth & sovereignty. A big NO-NO
for our socialist GOV.

  Then where will the wealthy put there $$$ when the "punch bowl fueled"

fraudmarket of wallstreet starts Dying????

1. Produces Jobs!  from illegal gardners to Big Corp!
2. Stimulates economy
3. higher taxes, property, state, sales, etc
4. Overseas investment  (huge factor) Mortgage brokers do not have to
follow "money laundering" laws/Procedures as do other industries!!!
  Think about that for a second!!!

5. Low rates, set the stage, high dow jones made them flush with cash!
They smacked Gold down, So where are they gonna go???

6. My final tip that had me write this?  A letter from Bank of America
(one of the biggest crooks) saying card holders can now earn 5x points on
qualifying home improvement purchases with your Bank america blah blah
blah Card. 

5x points on Qualifying hardware, interior furnishing & Garden supply
store through june 30, 2013

  Now ask your self why out of all the things they could offer?
Education, Office furnishings, Auto, FARMING OR GARDENING equipment!!

  Why "home improvement"????   The banks/Wall st./whitehouse are 1.  Most
or all of obama's close people are ex- Goldman sachs or Wall st!!!

   Keep in Hard assets just ones with numismatic value, currency, watches,
Art, etc

Once a Month I will post this.

A valid point of view for sure, governments have been depleting their reserves of gold for some time. But don't forget the golden rule "He who has the gold rules".

Again if you haven't seen this documentary, it is well worth watching. It talks about the historical importance of gold and the condition of the current markets.


HHMmmmm  JpMorgan's physical gold holdings WWAAAYYYYYYY down!!


JPMorgan Sees Gold At $1,800 By Mid 2013 As South Africa “In Crisis” And “Escalating Instability” In Middle East   J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. said gold will rise to $1,800 an ounce by the middle of 2013, with the mining industry in South Africa “in crisis,” according to Bloomberg.

  yet they were selling all this time????????

sure made a nice move in the last few days


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