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36 Chinese Silver Coins sold for $30,600 - 1 Dec 09

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Ebay item #260511399666

Can anyone enlighten me how did this go for moon money? Starting bid was $19 with 31 bids ..

The images are already removed.   :confused1:

Managed to save the pictures but the rest are quite big ... let's see these first ...

Apparently a few were desperate for a Buy It Now...

One coin is probably rare... very rare.

Based on the picture, those coins are questionable. The uneven wear (first two coins at right) is bothersome. The lustre does not appear as silver(three coins at the center and one at the bottom left)and the toning appears to be artificial. The seller is not an expert in Chinese coin and is not in the position to guarantee all coins' authenticity as stated in Q/A#3.



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