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I am sure that no one on this forum deliberately intends to insult other collectors of Chinese coins. Nonetheless the tone of some comments has been rough enough lately that at least two, and possibly three, very valuable contributors to the Chinese Coin Forum have packed their bags and left. I urge everyone who posts on the Chinese Coin Forum to pause before they post and consider if what they have written can be interpreted as insulting to either an individual, a country or a region. If that is the case, please don't send the post in until any offensive language or claims have been removed. You may think it's OK to generalize about collectors or investors and their habits because they live somewhere else, but it isn't. Not if we are going to have a free and useful exchange of ideas on this Forum between people from all around the globe.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony



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Nicely put Peter, we should always be very cautious of what we post, a lot of people read this forum 

I have not been as cautious as I should have been. I have to admit that part of this trouble is my fault. Oh well, live and learn, and always look forward. I think the key to this is to always try to keep things friendly and polite. I do my best.

In my defense, I try to respond to most of the posts on this forum to share what I know, and so that newcomers feel like they're getting some immediate attention in an active and vibrant community. It was instrumental in getting this forum off the ground. However, at times I have posted when I've had not quite enough sleep, or otherwise not put enough thought into how my posts would be received, which is surely not going to work out well.

Looking forward, I know that the members we've lost will still read this forum, and maybe they will decide to join us again someday. Really, I'm doing my best, and I do feel terrible about it when I've stuck my foot in my mouth. Hopefully our lost members will know they are missed, and that it would make my day to see them return.

Despite a few rough spots here and there, I still think this is one of the friendliest and most welcoming forums of any type that exists on the internet. That is one of the reasons I have invested so much of my efforts into it.

Overall, I think we've all done very well in making this not only the world's #1 English forum about Chinese coins, but also one of the best forums in the world, bar none. It is a team effort, and everyone sharing their thoughts through a click of the "Post" button is part of it, with the responsibility to make sure the things they're saying are intended to be beneficial for those who will read it.

I estimate that there are 1000 readers for every person that regularly posts on this forum. The words stored here carry farther than we can see with our own eyes.

I appreciate your post, Peter, and fully agree. Though I have to admit over in the German forum we, including myself, do not always stick strictly to this good advice. The difference here imho is and what I really appreciate about CCF that given the English language we have contributions from all over the world by people with different cultural backgrounds.

Having said this, it seems worthwhile before you "Post" to consider that your own cultural community may well understand and accept some of your words while others sharing their views here might possibly not and, thus, misunderstand you.

After all, may be, that's one of the advantages of getting older. You might not necessesarily become wiser but - at least that's true for me - typing on a keyboard even more in a foreign language and, last but not least, correcting most of your typos takes time. Time you can use to think it over ;)

greetz anwir


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