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Have you ever posted your collections, or coin pictures online? Bummer.

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After watching this news broadcast,
you just might need to reconsider that.


Thanks for that info, everyone needs to be careful about this sort of thing. You can get yourself or your children killed if the wrong person finds out you have valuables.

Suggestion: use a dedicated camera to photograph coins and other valuables. The cameras that I am familiar with don't have a GPS built into them so the images don't contain location information. They usually have higher resolutions and better optics than smart phones, too.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony

Maybe some of the more "techy" members can help on this as well.

I'm thinking that some of these digital cameras, that can remember the date stamp,
and time, without a battery in them, may well have this GPS technology.
They are apparently in touch with some sort of satellite. yes?

I'm using the W-A-G method on this one though. (Wyld Ass Guess)


Travel zoom types of cameras DO often have a GPS built in, and they include that info with photos. GPS-enabled cameras are becoming more common.


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