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To continue on from the “Wow of The Day” thread that got sort of derailed, I figured I would start this random thread in “general” where things can be discussed that may be of interest to others.

On the topic of gold, silver, Chinese coins and other collectibles … from my point of view they are great for collections and hobbies but from an investment standpoint, they are poor “investment” vehicles as there are several other assets that provide a better rate of return. Collecting is fun and that’s why we all do it but just as anything else, moderation is key.

Regarding shipping of coins/collectibles/etc, in the last 20 years I’ve only had two packages shipped to me that were either lost or stolen and both were under 2 pounds. One of these packages actually arrived with about 3/4 of the coins still in the flimsily packaged envelope so I think it was a matter of extremely poor packaging that led to the few missing coins. I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve shipped to Australia, all parts of Europe, Mexico, Ecuador and several US states without issue. I really don’t subscribe to the idea that package weight leads to theft as I routinely receive packages over 10 pounds and never had one stolen. The guy that got a $100,000 package stolen should have security cameras installed which would have proved the mailman never came to his door. Security cameras are cheap and useful.

Gold & silver prices have been very disappointing. You would think with the ineptness of Jose Brandito and the ineptitude of his entire administration along with record inflation and energy prices that gold and silver would be much higher but it’s still lackluster. I’ll agree with Hippanda that none of us would want to live in a world of $50K or $100K gold, the world would be a disaster at this point. I wouldn’t mind seeing $5,000 gold but I also think that is very far off in the future.

“Gold bugs are the cicadas of the investment ecosystem, they hibernate for years and emerge in a frenzy in reaction to some fear that ultimately subsides and then they go away until the next maelstrom sparks their re-emergence”

High commodity prices are typically not good for the general public. For example, I’ve been in the oil & gas industry for over 40 years wherein there has always been peaks and valleys but for the most part it’s been lucrative. With crude prices currently at about $110 per barrel, people in my industry do very well but on the other hand I see my friends, family and everyday common folk struggle with the expense of daily life so it’s not something that I enjoy to experience. I’d rather see crude maintain $75 a barrel then the economy would be strong, people can live comfortably, oil producers & service companies can remain profitable & encouraged to continue expensive exploration.

Many people do not realize that oil exploration, drilling and production is very expensive in which the lifting cost per barrel of oil varies greatly from one geographical region to another geographical region. The current administration is very hostile to oil producing companies so why would oil producers & drillers forge forward with new exploration and why would investment banks support them? There is no incentive. Keep in mind that some projects (especially deepwater drilling) may take up to five years of planning and millions of dollars through completion.

Inflation is absolutely out of control and with the current carnage in Europe along with escalating energy prices, we are all in for some very challenging times.

Good luck to all … It’s a madhouse !!!


On the subject of gold prices I believe technical patterns are important in predicting future gold prices. This post by Dr Robert Mchugh (who publishes an international newsletter and is a widely followed market technitian)  just appeared on the Gold Eagle editorials website

I also fully belive he is correct in his assessment of where gold prices are headed.

Read Reddit Wall Street Silver daily.   The coin shops and on line authors of metals I email all read it.   There is currently a world wide shortage of gold/silver.   Many shops in the US rely on sellers to walk in but few if any are selling.  Huge demand can only mean high prices.   Patience, it is almost here.  I hope the price manipulators can keep prices down for longer....

Thank you comeaux for starting this tread.  Wow of the day may have strayed off topic but for me, shipping is a big deal now.  It affects what I buy and sell more than any other factor. 

If you ever have numismatic material stolen, please report it to Numismatic Crime Information Center,  If you want to keep a beat on trends in crime, also subscribe to the bulletins.  Sadly UPS and Fed-ex are having similar issues with packages going missing.  The only reliable delivery service is Amazon Prime, but then you got porch pirates to deal with.  Maybe we should all go back to doing business in person at shows, but even that is risky these days, read March 6, 2022 bulletin, somehow during the night someone broke in and targeted one dealer merchandise. 

Here is a list of coins that my friend lost, sadly most of these coins he will never own again.

Last week 3 suspects are paying the price for their numismatic crimes, it is important you do business with people you can trust:
Bobby Hughes - Arrested on the floor of the ANA show, in his 50 years in the business I am fortunate to have not crossed paths with him.
Bob Higgins - Arrest warrant issued.  I have sadly done business with his firm, but didn't lose any money.

How about packages sent to NGC?....

SOLD out of 73 sets.  6 junk dimes for $19.99 or $3.33 Each.   Culls or melt, hard to read dates.  Why melt when the market will pay up?....


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