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long quarantines disrupt the coin supply chain



"Some places have come under criticism for their long quarantines, but few can compare to the northern Chinese city of Shenyang.

Travelers arriving there from overseas must spend 28 days in hotel quarantine, and during the hotel stay they are not allowed to open the door except to take in food deliveries. They are tested seven times for the coronavirus over that period. And once that hotel quarantine is over, they are expected to avoid going outside their home for another 28 days."

A 28 + 28 day quarantine (I didn't realize it was that long!) creates quite an obstacle for someone thinking about taking a trip to China to sell some pandas at a premium, or for a Shenyang (population 8.2 million) coin dealer going out of the country to get more inventory and then being stuck in quarantine upon return.

This disruption in the coin supply chain is surely going to have unexpected impacts that are not apparent right now.

How long will it take to restore inventories and at what stage will there be the greatest pressure on the prices of coins?  My crystal ball is a bit foggy.

Gold/silver are in break out.  Basel 3? says the London Gold Price Fix will end Jan 1 2022 or in about 1 1/2 months.
Silver is not selling for spot or a small premium unless you are a large dealer w/ good connections.  Most citizens are paying bigger premiums, even SD Bullion wants $9 to $11 over spot.
Mints cannot find blanks to strike.   Even big dealers are running very low on inventory.   The highest demand silver is junk silver because it is recognizable currency for when the USD goes south.   Dimes are the most popular as they are the smallest or fractional.   Shortage is here and this is the beginning. 
Fakes are common.  A ebay dealer told me he checked his junk dimes and immediately found about 1/2 dozen fakes.  Articles say massive amounts of fake rounds and bars too.
Obviously the US economy is being run into the ground and this is all planned.  China owns the gold.  It is a matter of time now for the Yuan to rule.  Our US military missile protection for Saudia Arabia was removed as ordered a few weeks ago.  Saudi now signed a agreement w/ Russia and possible China for military protection.  This means the end of the Petro Dollar.   Oil will be sold in Yuan and Rubles.  Connecting the dots is easy today....

Parts of California is paying $8 gallon gas.  The oil pipeline from Canada to Michigan is under consideration to be shut down so Canada will sell their oil to China.  The goal is expensive gas nationwide to kill the weak economy.
Articles months ago said our beef and food supplies have been and are being shipped to China.  Ever wonder why prices are so high in stores?
The mandatory shot is causing 40% of our military to be fired.  Military in disarray, so who will protect us?  This is also causing the collapse of law enforcement, truckers, hospitals, etc... all planned and now implemented.
All arrows point to the Yuan to take over as the world reserve currency.....
Chinese money will rule and the best of Chinese money is numismatics as discussed on this forum...


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