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How was the Long Beach Expo (Sept. 30-Oct. 2)?

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Is there a forum member who attended and is willing to share his perspective?

I went for the first half of opening day and it started off as a cluster because they moved to new location with new protocol. When I finally got in I heard repeatedly to that they “dealers” had China material but it was bought up by other dealers the day before during set up, which is really frustrating to hear. I did get kinda lucky though and was able to pick off a nice Gem 65 PCGS Memento dollar for 2k, from a dealer I noticed setting up late. Funny that it kinda made the trip worth it, I also picked up a 1912 Szechuan 50 cent PCGS V25 for $400. I did notice that by the time I left which was right around noon it seemed pretty full and I kept running into people and lots of dealers were busy. Interesting to hear from feedback from dealers that were there.

For all those panda peeps, I didn’t see any good material. Just random silver panda dates. The usual big dealers were there with some material, but no discounts.

My prize!

a very nice memento!  An ms66 went over the table a week ago for 8000 euros on ebay Switzerland.  That's a bargain for her 65!  Congratulation.  Can you tell goldoandas something about the offer and the prices?  Did the big dealers also have key coins or pandas in good grading with them?  How was her impression.  Thank you for your report.  Very interesting.


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Good buy! Congratulations!


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