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1992 Gold Panda 25 Yuan in MS70


Hello together,

in fact that i have now a couple of graded chinese coins I want to know step by step the value of some of my graded coins.

I need please your help about the value of the following coin.

Thank you in advantage  :thumbup1:

A 1991 G1/4 MS70 sold for $1050 on eBay in April.   1991 has a MS70 population of 22 and 1992 has a population of 26.  Thus, if you find the right collector who needs the coin, you could probably reasonably ask about $1000 with that as a reference.  But that person might counter that there were a few auction sales for about $600 or $700 for 1992 G1/4 MS70 in China in March, but that was in China.  There aren't many of these coins, but there aren't a huge number of people willing to pay a big premium for them, at least at the moment.


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