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I'm a little out of my depth.....


Hi all, hope I find you well. Just wondered if I could ask for some knowledge on this please? I have looked, but cannot find where to start, my Chinese is not good I am afraid... I have included pics and measurements / weight for your consideration and would really appreciate your time and advice. It came with a load of old silver world coins and had had me stumped ever since... My thanks and Best Wishes.

The first face reads Sheng-Bao from top to bottom character (Holy Treasure). Its opposing face reads Tian-Guo (Heavenly Kingdom).
If it is genuine, it is probably a token or peace charm, sometimes made in silver, from the Tai-Ping Rebellion era circa 1856-1860.

The Bonhams link suggest it might be a silver half tael, given its weight (reference 16.67g) and diameter (reference 33mm)


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