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Hello Folks

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody of you!

I just received some photo albums with old Chinese photos, taken from a European merchant between 1903 and 1907.
It's very impressive to see how China used to be 110 years ago. What a change :scared: !!!
Some of the pictures may strike you familiar as we find the images on our beloved coins..:-)

I want to share some impressions of those times with you... please enjoy  N48

...description is the English translation from the words noted in the album...

8762, Queen's Buildings Hongkong
8765, Hongkong Peak
8769, in the harbour of Hongkong
8771, the Bund in Shanghai
8773, Foochow Creek in Shanghai
8775, Foochow Creek Water Tower
8777, Shangtung Road Shanghai
8779, Bund Shanghai

8782, Walls of Peking
8784, Market in Peking
8786, Peking city wall behind
8789, Graveyard in Nanking
8791, The Great Chinese Wall
8793, Peking
8795, Tempel Pagoda in Peking
8798, Market Shanghai

8800, Peking
8803, Chinese Wall
8806, Ichang
8809, Dragon Boat in Shanghai
8811, Temple Yard Shanghai
8813, Russian Warship 'Askold' in Shanghai (5 funnels) at the back
8815, Shanghai
8817, Loong Wha (Longhua) Temple

8819, Street in Shanghai
8822, Chinese Wall
8824, Peking
8740 & 8826, Marble Boat Summer Palace
8829, in the Emperor's Garden
8831, Observatory Peking
8833, ...well... you know it :-)

8835, Temple of Heaven
8837, Chinese Wall
8841 & 8842, Graveyards in Nanking
8852, Shanghai station

that's it  N48


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