1984 Official Issued Chinese Coins

Title Face Value (Yuan) Weight Fineness Quality Mintage
Chinese gold panda coin 100 1oz 99.9% BU 25183
Chinese gold panda coin 50 1/2oz 99.9% BU 20057
Chinese gold panda coin 25 1/4oz 99.9% BU 35970
Chinese gold panda coin 10 1/10oz 99.9% BU 86404
Chinese gold panda coin 5 1/20oz 99.9% BU 77869
Chinese gold panda coin 1000 12oz 99.9% Proof 250
Chinese silver panda coin [images] 10 27g 90% Proof 10000
Chinese copper panda coin 1 12.7g 70% Proof 30000
Chinese Year of the Rat gold coin * 150 8g 91.6% Proof 5000
Chinese Year of the Rat silver coin 10 15g 85% Proof 10000
The 14th Winter Olympic Games silver coin 10 1/2oz 92.5% Proof 6000
The 23rd Summer Olympic Games silver coin 10 1/2oz 92.5% Proof 6000
The 23rd Summer Olympic Games silver coin 5 1/4oz 92.5% Proof 10000
Chinese Outstanding Historical Figures gold coin (1st issue) 100 1/3oz 91.6% Proof 25000
Chinese Outstanding Historical Figures silver coins (1st issue) 5 x 4 22g x 4 90% Proof 30000 x 4 
The 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Chen Jiageng silver coin 10 24g 90% Proof 6000
China Ancient Pagoda silver medals no 20g x 4 90% Proof 1000 x 4
The 3rd Hong Kong Int'l Coin Exposition silver medal no 1oz 92.5% Proof 1000
China Great Wall silver medal no 103.13g 99.9% Proof 200
* 1984 was the Chinese Zodiac year of Rat. Its commemorative coin of Rat was officially issued in January of 1984.

On the obverse of the gold coin, there engraved “Beijing” in Chinese characters and the year of circulation. Its architectural design is the ancient building of Beijing called Qianmen, which is also known as Zhengyangmen. At 42 meters high, Qianmen lies to the south end of Tiananmen Square and was the front gate of inner Beijing City during Ming and Qing Dynasties. First built in 1421, the Gate was consisted of a gatehouse and an archery tower, which forms a large barbican. On the top of the gatehouse there were diamond shaped windows and red bricks were the base. Qianmen was extensively reconstructed after it was destroyed several times. Because of its grandeur and unique design, Qianmen has considered as one of the symbols of Beijing.  The image on the reverse is a copy of a famous Chinese painter Mr. Qi Baishi’s Mice and True Autumn.  For many years, Chinese painters have traditionally linked the mice with peanuts or candlelight. However, Mr. Qi Baishi created a unique style by incorporating mice with pumpkin, which clearly expressed mice’s quick-witted characteristic. His exquisite brushwork, flowing lines and graceful pattern displayed his pen and ink technique. When applying the picture to the coin, the size of the pumpkin was reduced. This gave prominence to the Mice and created a perfect image of Mice. View images

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