1996 1oz Platinum Unicorn

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Many new collectors get to know precious metal coins and medals of the PRC, and feel deeply impressed. But they have no reference books, no access to the markets in Beijing and Shanghai, and no teachers to learn from. They grope the way all by themselves, like walking in darkness, with extreme difficulty. So I will provide the many new collectors with some suggestions, from the perspective of collection. “A job can be completed more easily with sharp tools.” In coin collection, one will definitely gain success if the DIRECTION and APPROACH are correct. A new collector must adopt the right methodology from the very beginning, focusing on the following aspects: affinity with the coins, logic reasoning, coin knowledge, awareness of the real gems, making friends, and receiving correct information.

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Welcome to China-mint.info, the ultimate resource for collectors of Chinese coins. Lack of information is always the major problem for non-Chinese speaking collectors to learn Chinese coins. Most of the Chinese coin books or websites are in Chinese characters. In addition, many commemorative coins have very interesting historical backgrounds or legendary stories, which are not provided by many websites. Our ambition is to make China-mint.info the most completed information site for Chinese modern coins. We will do a lot of research, which requires huge amount resource. However, we will invest our effort and passion in this site. We will start our job from the latest issuance, and if you have any questions regarding coins from the early years, which we haven't covered yet, please email us. In the meanwhile, we do make mistakes, so please email us as well to correct them. Also, we would like you to share any interesting stories with us.

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