Author Topic: Ebay Search for China coins/medals for new collectors  (Read 162 times)

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Ebay Search for China coins/medals for new collectors
« on: November 21, 2019, 06:21:02 PM »
New collectors are coming back to Chinese coins/medals.      Here is a basic tip searching for them.      If someone can add photos of ebay site, provide more info or correct my post, please do....

Go to Ebay.     Top of page, Blue Search box.      To left are 2 boxes, small and large.      1st box or "All Catagories" has arrow. 
Click arrow and click "Coins or Paper Money".       Large box or "Search for Anything", type in China coin/medal you wish to see.
Click Blue Search box to get there.       No need to be too specific so grade is not needed unless you are seaching for specific grade.     Example "1989 Gold Panda" should show all 89 gold pandas.     G10Y Gold Panda will show 1/10 oz.    View ALL coins on page.
By viewing ALL coins on each page, ebay will show some that maybe not on your list but if you know the market that is where some
bargainscan be found.     

When you find a coin/medal you like then click "Add to Watchlist" that will allow you to keep track of it.
Ebay's new improvements no worky.    In the past we could click "Advanced Search" to see past sales but today that is a mess.
For many that track coins/medals the "Watchlist" is important as we can see sales price.
I usually track 300 Chinese but due to sales my Watchlist is about 200.    Is inventory getting low?    I track all prices..
Once you get to 1989 Gold Pandas, you may find one you wish to investigate.   Click it to see it.
Click "See other items" to view seller's other coins/medals.     Many sellers have many coins from around the world.
Blue Search box and again click arrow, click "Coins and Paper Money".     Big box type in "China" and click Blue Search button.
This will allow you to see seller's China coins/medals and avoid the others.     Keep in mind you are now on seller's site, not ebay.

Read the multitude of past articles here or ask/post questions to find the best buys w/ the highest upside.     
Some Chinese may not be as beautiful as others but if they end up as big bucks then they are beauties.   
Stick to early years not new issue!    I am a Feng Yunming medals fan of course.....
Hopefully this will help new collectors from getting too confused.    Have the bravery to ask questions.    Why?
This market is slowing taking off and many Chinese will be out of your price range.     Now is the time to research and ask questions..
Good Luck!...