Author Topic: Chinese Coin Dealers at June 2012 Baltimore Show? Selling/Trading Strategy.  (Read 2051 times)

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I'll be attending next week's Baltimore show.  I'm interested in selling/trading several items.  So that I use my time most efficiently, does anyone know of any major Chinese coin dealers that will be there and their table numbers (I'll recognize the big names, but sometimes there are some lesser-known big buyers that I want to be sure to give a chance to make an offer)?  Any tips on who has the reputation for paying the highest prices (PM me if you'd like to be discreet)?  I'd like to minimize my time selling and maximize my time looking for cool coins. 

Consider this classic scenario...A prospective seller (me) walks up to a dealer's table and says "I'd like to sell these coins."  The dealer replies, "how much do you want for them?"  The prospective seller would like to reply, "I'd like to get the highest price I can for them," but knows he needs to state a specific price.  There is the challenge.  If you state a price that is too high, you might irritate the dealer and the negotiation may go nowhere, but if you state an initial price that is too low, you've lost and you won't be able to get the best price.  What is a good opening number to state for negotiation?  For instance, would X% of the price stated in Pricepedia or PCGS Price Guide be a good number?  Any other tips for selling on the coin show floor would be appreciated...My goal is to arrive at a mutually agreeable price in the most efficient way possible.

I suppose the art of negotiating for a trade with a dealer at a coin show has its own challenges...Again, any tips you'd like to share would be appreciated.

Any thoughts on whether it would be more advantageous to trade, or to sell, given current market conditions for Chinese Coins and precious metals?