Author Topic: Global Gold Demand - China and India are doing the buying - by Jay Feldis  (Read 1477 times)

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The graphic below shows that physical gold trading in the US is just a quite backwater.  China and India are doing the buying, hand-over-fist.

Chinese gold coins were sold only to foreigners for decades, but now they are being brought back home by eager Chinese buyers.  As the China real estate market falters, wealthy Chinese are seeking new places to preserve wealth.  That place is gold!

The US panda coin market has been slow in October, but Chinese dealers are buying from US dealers on the weakness.  Prices for many Pandas are decoupling from spot gold, and did not decline appreciably despite a $300 drop in gold.   Prices on many pandas may not be this low again, and will likely surge with the next run-up in gold.

This represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Gold Pandas will be sold to Chinese investors.  Will they buy the coins from you or someone else?


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