Author Topic: "7 billion on earth, a huge task before us".  (Read 5185 times)

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Re: "7 billion on earth, a huge task before us".
« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2011, 05:23:56 PM »
I believe the likelihood of convential war having casualties in the billions is unrealistic. First-world societies have too much at stake, and their citizenry is too pampered and entitled to grind out such a prolonged engagement. Nuclear warfare, on the other hand, could easily make quick work of billions. The yield of modern-era thermonuclear weaponry would make it necessary to detonate only a handful (literally less than ten) of these demons in order to bring about 'nuclear winter.' For those who don't know, this scenario involves the blotting out of our star's rays for indefinite periods of time, perhaps years--perpetual night, plummeting worldwide temperatures. Don't know what that looks like? Take a swing north of the artic circle in winter. Not many genetically-modified plants growing there. For you paleontology buffs, reference the KT event, better known as the dinosaur-killer: no vegetation = no herbivores = no carnivores-->mass extinction event. Taken a gander at the Pakistan-India conflict lately? Maybe you should.

Mass migrations are another terror-in-waiting that will befall us all likely within the next one-hundred years. The root cause is our nonsensical and relentless release of billions of years of perfectly good carbon sequestration with resultant 'global warming.' As the polar ice caps melt, (let alone the thawing of hundreds of cubic kilometers of permafrost in Greenland and Russia with runaway positive-feedback loops created by methane release), worldwide ocean levels will rise relentlessly. Take a wild guess where something like 80% of the world's population lives? That land simply won't exist anymore. Wild extremes of weather will become commonplace. The breadbasket of Asia with all it's life-giving bounty will be submerged beneath meters of salt-water. Hundreds of millions of starving, desperate migrants with no where to go... And I haven't even mentioned the devastating effects of albedo reduction caused by the ice cap disappearance. (shout-out to Badon) Here's a little hint: think loss of meaningful oceanic currents and nutrient cycling; think of the majority of Africa, the southern half of North America, and much of southern Asia turning into giant desert wastelands. See Scientific American link for further info:

I know this is scary stuff. I realize actually taking the time to investigate these issues on your own time in your own way takes a little time and effort. For example, you might have to skip updating your precious Facebook page for a few days. You just might have to skip that killer workout. But wake-up people. We are screwed on so many levels if we don't get our act together right now, (not in the next century, not in the next generation, not in the next ten years but right stinking now, this very instant!) that I personally find it almost sickens me to smile any more. How do you like them apples?
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