Author Topic: Yuan Shih Kai 3 years Part2  (Read 2004 times)

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Yuan Shih Kai 3 years Part2
« on: September 16, 2011, 11:18:42 AM »
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Re: Yuan Shih Kai 3 years Part2
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2011, 11:23:20 PM »
Coin: B, E, F, G - 1 dollar Yuan Shih Kai 1914 (obverse shows 6 chinese characters, mean year 3 of Republic of China). You add 3 to 1911 and you have date of issue: 1914. (Coin E has few test marks) Mint: Tianjin Central Mint

Coin H, I, J - 1 dollar Yuan Shih Kai 1914. This is Tibet variety. I was issue in 1950's by communists in Szechuan province to pay for building the road in Tibet. It is known as Tibet variety. Obverse of each such of coin has not clear hair. On the reverse of each such of coin leaves are very visuable (very clear) and also 2 chinese characters, especially second character "yuan" is connected in triangular shape. They called it trangular variety or Tibet variety.

Coin: A - 1 dollar Yuan Shih Kai 1914 with mint mark "O" in knot of ribbon bowl. Y#329.4 if I am not wrong in SCWC.
It is rare coin and the most valuable in your collection.
This coin was issued probably also in Tianjin Central Mint in 1948-49. The mint mark "O" indicates it. But no one is sure 100%.

Coin: C, D - 1 dollar Yuan Shih Kai 1914. This is Kansu (Gansu) province variety. More rare then common fatman 1914. It was minted by Kansu Mint in 1921 or later. The Yuan's head is bigger on obverse of the coin. You can see the double-fold eyelid of Yuan's portrait and also the bold strokes of the Chinese characters on the reverse. Silver content: 60-70%. Gansu coins circulated at a discount in the Repubic period for their low silver content, however right now they are worth more than general issued fatman dollars 1914. Kansu variety of YSK dollar was made probably by one of the warlord. In this case that's the warlord from Kansu province. There are also other varieties like Sinkiang variety and Shandong.

All coins are genuine!

Good luck and best wishes:)
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