Author Topic: 50 cents Yuan Shih Kai 1914 made in Fujian-very rare!  (Read 3975 times)

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50 cents Yuan Shih Kai 1914 made in Fujian-very rare!
« on: February 25, 2011, 03:55:47 AM »
Dear collectors and coin dealers,

Let me introduce you Fujian variety of 50cents Yuan Shih Kai 1914.

Everyone knows how rare is 50 cents YSK 1914. It is also more expensive than dollar. However does anyone of you know that there are 3 varieties of this coin. One is Tianjin Central Edition the other is Fujian Edition and the third one is variety of 50 cents YSK 1914 made by Mawei Shipyard (I have never seen this one in my life since I am collecting and selling old chinese silver coins). I have seen twice this coin in my life, first one is this: XF 45 condition in PCGS holder Fujian variety and the second one owns the owner of this website: about which I wanna tell you something.
I marked on red those points how we can identify Fujian variety. First of all let's take a look on obverse: hair are different shape than Tianjin editiom, 1st character is little sharp and 5th character is little different than on Tianjin version. On the reverse of this coin there is one tooth is missing at six o'clock (but it is not a rule, please check: where this tooth is not missing) and leaves look different than on Tianjin one. If someone has this Fujian variety than you can call you very luck cause it is worth more, and if you have Mawei Shipyard variety then you are born under the lucky start :lol: just kidding :001_rolleyes:
I will also attach two smaller brothers from Fujian province from my private collection: 20 an 10 cents Yuan Shih Kai 1914.
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