Author Topic: Whose heritage is it?  (Read 4641 times)

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Whose heritage is it?
« on: December 12, 2010, 08:16:12 AM »

Reflect for a moment on the production of the Fine Chinese pottery spread around the world, and few of us can doubt that it is part of China's heritage. However, are the Morgans and Seated Dollars that are in China part of their Cultural Heritage or do they really belong to the heritage of the USA?(or the world?) The Chinese Government claims that ALL coins that are in China and were dealt with when they did not use coins of their own are Chinese Cultural Heritage. That makes the American coins there worth little more than street value (not even silver value ). There are thousands of the following. French Indo, British Trade, British Hong Kong,Dutch, German, Chile, Australian, New Zealand, Swiss,Italian ,Dominican Republic,Canadian,Philippines, Mexican and of course lots of Morgans, Seated, Trade. If the US and China truly have a free trade agreement then all coins should have the legal restrictions removed that prohibit their legal movement. 1911 is their critical date, the start of the Revolution.