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coin album for gold panda in omp

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Just as the title says, anyone has any idea or recommendation to store gold panda in its omp nicely arranged in album? I'm looking for one at the moment.

Thanks for replying and have a great weekend ahead.

There is a large assortment of coin albums on eBay that may serve your purpose. I am posting a link to one of them.

There is also a more rigid coin storage album I have come across previously. I shall post it when I locate it.

Best wishes.

 thanks for the reply. cheers

You don't want to store omps in an album, the album pouches will press the omp plastic against the coin and cause residue damage and scratches.  I store omp coins in intercept slab boxes, this allows them to have no pressure on the coins and helps prevent impurities from reaching the coins.

If you want to enjoy viewing your coins then get them graded, viewing omps will lead to damage no matter how careful you are.

I have found more information with regards to your earlier enquiry. I remember a forum member either here or at another forum (?silverstackers) propose that Quadrum capsules can be used for showcasing and storing OMPs. What you do is to remove the holder that comes with the capsule, then place the OMP in the capsule and snap the two halves together.

You can place the capsules in Lighthouse cases for storage as sets. These cases are usually impregnated with Intercept Technology material that is supposed to remove air impurities that may cause coin surface damage.

Alternatively you can place the capsules in rigid albums or trays as shown in photos of items on eBay. You can always integrate Intercept Technology material within these capsules, rigid albums and trays.

You may have to experiment with a few of these capsules to see if they suit your needs. Note that other opinion has been expressed with respect to storage of OMPs.

Good luck and best wishes.


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