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bid cancellations


I put many on my Watch list just to track prices.    Sometimes i put in a low bid as it is easier to track.     This morning 4 items were bid cancellations.      1987 PF 69 1/20 gold panda, 1988 PF 69 1/20 gold panda, 1987 PF 69 1/20 Sino Japan gold panda and a 1988 S100Y Dragons silver 12 oz OMP were cancelled.   
Anyone know why?    Bid cancellations happen on occasion but 4 in a few hours seems rare to me......

Seller of the 3 PF 69 1/20 gold pandas got back to me.   He has buyers that want them now and not wait for the auction to end.   This must mean something.      Are proof gold pandas back in vogue?    Is gold/silver ready to go up as  stated on Birch Gold Group    Jim Cramer  "Mad money host says major breakthrough in gold market near".     I do not like pro paper instruments Jim Cramer due to his past anti gold, pro paper opinions.    Now he is pro gold?

Arif, is that you sneaking in the back door on ebay?   :tongue_smilie:

Collectors were never blown out of the 1/20 oz. gold Panda market by speculators and they are still active.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
NGC Consultant
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