Author Topic: 2017 S 30 gram Silver Singapore International Coin Fair Panda Proof Medal  (Read 718 times)

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5-1-2017 we recorded the first sale NGC PF70 UC sale of this medal where someone forked out $688. On the ebay listing at the time, the ebay seller noted that it had a NGC pop of 3.

Three days later another sold for $595.

The last sale 1 month ago (NGC PF70 UC), a buyer clicked the buy it now button - $345 - at a time when they were being auctioned frequently on ebay in NR auctions by one seller in particular where the closing price falls in the $200-250 range.

We note as follows:

- When a coin or medal is first released, there is not enough data to know grade scarcity. It takes a while for a good enough sample of coins to really know just how rare a 70-grade is.

- Auctions generally have greater clout than buy it now listings, where the latter is more often an anomaly or deviation. It is a good idea to have the data at your disposal to determine what really is a fair price to pay, (even more so before clicking buy it now).

- Complacency. It is interesting we sometimes see an indifferent attitude with respects to the price paid for a collector piece. This can take the shape of, "I am happy with my decision/ I own the coin and that's all that matters etc.." In response, we ask which other coins could have also been acquired with the additional funds on hand had due diligence be done. Needlessly overpaying sucks.

Will this medal ever sell for $688 in auction?.. Long way to go just to break $300.

When you throw good money, put it into good money.