Author Topic: ANA show in Anahiem, August 9-13  (Read 5158 times)

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Re: ANA show in Anahiem, August 9-13
« Reply #15 on: August 14, 2016, 03:35:54 PM »
Thanks for the info. I completely forgot about the show. Out of curiosity, why would using the term 'medal' lessen the round vs. a 'show'?

There is a write up somewhere about that. I am trying to remember where I saw it. I'll check later today for a URL but I  believe I saw this policy change with respect to the recent WMF Berlin "medal" release statement.

There is a definition of "Show Panda" here:

from where I copied this: "What is a Show Panda? Show Pandas are official Chinese Panda coins or commemoratives struck for a specific coin show."

The coin versus medal terminology argument has raged for a long time. Medals are posited as poor cousins to coins in some minds. The adoption of the "Show Panda" title may be an attempt by NGC to move these coin show medals out of the shadow (read taint) of other medals.

Perhaps the better solution is to call all circular mint products coins but then we run into what is "legal tender" and what is not, as if anyone is going to pay for a 200 Yuan item in the shop with a 1/2oz gold panda coin!  :blink:
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