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Winter Garden token
« on: September 23, 2015, 11:45:40 PM »
Here is another interesting old Shanghai token. It is made of aluminium. It is color-plated. Two colors are known: yellow and blue.

The obverse says "Winter Garden Shanghai"

The reverse says "20c in trade"

I must point here that original appearance of the token is on picture A1 and A3.

There are also some other varieties with "20c" crossed out on picture A2. On this picture we can also see number "50" on the obverse which referse to 50 fen (5 jiao) which is 50 cents.

There are also some other varieties of blue color-plated aluminium token. Where "50" is the center, between the words "Winter Garden" and at the bottom word "Shanghai". The digit "50" is written in different way than "50" on picture A2.

Some other variety of blue color-plated one has crossed out "20c" and written some 3 chinese characters.

That's makes we have 5 varieties of this token at least.

This color-plated aluminium token came from Hongkou casino, also known as Shanghai Hongkou Winter Garden Casino during Japanese occupation of the city.
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