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8 Treasure Co. token
« on: September 22, 2015, 10:12:43 AM »
Dear all :001_smile:,

This is one of the mysterious old Shanghai token.

The obverse says reading from right up to down down right "8" "treasure", then from left up to left down "company". So the full translation will be 8 treasure company. I couldn't find any information about this company from old Shanghai.

One thing is sure that, there are at least 2 varieties of this token.

One is where the edge of reverse has teeth and the other is where the edge of the reverse has a rim. Please pay attention "Loaned for amusement only 20 (in the middle)" in both cases but it is different.

There could be also the 3rd variety similar to the one where the edge of the reverse has a rim but it is nickel-plated variety. I found one example of such of token but I am not sure is it nickel-plated token. The nickel-plated surface is nearly gone so it is hard to say is it the 3rd variety. 2 varieties for sure exist.
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