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2012 Brass God of Wealth and Silver Lohan Deer Riding VIDEO.
« on: April 23, 2015, 05:02:15 PM »
A couple of videos to snack on:  ;D Lohan Deer Riding (999 Minted Silver) and God of Wealth Brass Set (100 minted) Enjoy.

God of Wealth Brass

Lohan Deer Riding silver:


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Re: 2012 Brass God of Wealth and Silver Lohan Deer Riding VIDEO.
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2015, 07:38:09 AM »
Brass Lohan pictures and video.  3000 Brass Planned, actual 200 (??).  I hear that a 300g Silver piece will be coming out soon.  Mintage: 30.  #2 Lohan is coming out in Nov.


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Re: 2012 Brass God of Wealth and Silver Lohan Deer Riding VIDEO.
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2015, 07:38:39 AM »
Lohan Series. 1st in Series 80g Silver hard to find.  Planned mintage: 999.  I believe, actual is a lot lower, but may be minting 100 more when the 2nd one comes out 

1.  This will continue.  The goal is to have all 17 complete within 3 - 4 years time.  
2.  There will be Antique Silver (80g and 300g).  80g will be 999 PLANNED Mintage; and 300g will be 30 Planned mintage
3.   There will be Brass.  (3000 planned mintage)
4.   The 300g Silver for 1st in Series will be out end of Sept - mid-Oct.  It will prove to be in exceptional quality, just like the 80g.  
5.   2nd in series should be out around Oct/Nov.

If you have any questions, please let me know, and I'll get the answers.  Have a great weekend.


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Re: 2012 Brass God of Wealth and Silver Lohan Deer Riding VIDEO.
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2015, 07:40:10 AM »
Silver 80g, I believe 200 are minted.


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Re: 2012 Brass God of Wealth and Silver Lohan Deer Riding VIDEO.
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2015, 07:47:21 AM »
#2 below coming in Nov.

In the Chinese Tradition, the 18 Luohans are generally presented in the order they are said to have appeared to Guan Xiu, not according to their power: Deer Sitting, Happy, Raised Bowl, Raised Pagoda, Meditating, Oversea, Elephant Riding, Laughing Lion, Open Heart, Raised Hand, Thinking, Scratched Ear, Calico Bag, Plantain, Long Eyebrow, Doorman, Taming Dragon and Taming Tiger.

Name   Qianlong's Eulogy   Synopsis
01. Pindola the Bharadvaja*
(Sanskrit: Pindolabharadrāja)
(Chinese: 賓度羅跋羅墮闍尊者; pinyin: Bīndùluó Báluóduòshé Zūnzhě)

Sitting dignified on a deer,
As if in deep thought.
With perfect composure,
Contented with being above worldly pursuits.

Guan Xiu's Dream: Deer Sitting Luohan (Chinese: 騎鹿羅漢; pinyin: Qílù Luóhàn)

02. Kanaka the Vatsa
(Sanskrit: Kanakavatsa)
(Chinese: 迦諾迦伐蹉尊者; pinyin: Jiānuòjiā Fácuō Zūnzhě)

Decimating the demons,
The universe now cleared.
Hands raised for jubuilation,
Be wild with joy.

Happy Luohan (Chinese: 喜慶羅漢; pinyin: Xǐqìng Luóhàn)

03. Kanaka the Bharadvaja
(Sanskrit: Kanakabharadrāja)
(Chinese: 迦諾迦跋釐堕闍尊者; pinyin: Jiānuòjiā Bálíduòshé Zūnzhě)

In majestic grandeur,
Joy descends from heaven.
Raised the bowl to receive happiness,
Glowing with jubilance and exultation.

Raised Bowl Luohan (Chinese: 舉缽羅漢; pinyin: Jǔbō Luóhàn)

04. Nandimitra
(Chinese: 蘇頻陀尊者; pinyin: Sūpíntuó Zūnzhě)

A seven-storey pagoda,
Miraculous power of the Buddha.
Forceful without being angry,
With preeminent Buddhist might.

Raised Pagoda Luohan (Chinese: 托塔羅漢; pinyin: Tuōda Luóhàn)

05. Nakula*
(Sanskrit: Nakula/Pakula)
(Chinese: 諾距羅尊者; pinyin: Nuòjùluó Zūnzhě)

Quietly cultivating the mind,
A countenance calm and composed.
Serene and dignified,
To enter the Western Paradise.

Meditating Lohan (Chinese: 靜座羅漢; pinyin: Jìngzuò Luóhàn)

06. Bodhidharma
(Chinese: 跋陀羅尊者; pinyin: Bátuóluó Zūnzhě)

Bearing the sutras,
Sail east to spread the world.
Climbing mountains and fording streams,
For the deliverance of the humanity.

Overseas Lohan (Chinese: 過江羅漢; pinyin: Guojiāng Luóhàn)

07. Kalika
(Sanskrit: Kālika)
(Chinese: 迦理迦尊者; pinyin: Jiālǐjiā Zūnzhě)

Riding an elephant with a dignified air,
Chanting aloud the sutras.
With a heart for the humanity,
Eyes scanning the four corners of the universe.

Elephant Riding Lohan (Chinese: 騎象羅漢; pinyin: Qíxiàng Luóhàn)

08. Vijraputra
(Chinese: 伐闍羅弗多尊者; pinyin: Fáshéluófúduō Zūnzhě)

Playful and free of inhibitions,
The lion cub leaps with joy.
Easily alternating tension with relaxation,
Rejoicing with all living things.

Laughing Lion Lohan (Chinese: 笑獅羅漢; pinyin: Xiàoshī Luóhàn)

09. Gobaka
(Chinese: 戌博迦尊者; pinyin: Xūbójiā Zūnzhě)

Open the heart and there is Buddha,
Each displaying his prowess.
The two should not compete,
For Buddha's power is boundless.

Open Heart Lohan (Chinese: 開心羅漢; pinyin: Kāixīn Luóhàn)

10. Pantha the Elder*
(Sanskrit: Panthaka)
(Chinese: 半托迦尊者; pinyin: Bàntuōjiā Zūnzhě)

Easy and comfortable,
Yawning and stretching.
In a state of omniscience,
Contented with his own lot.

Raised Hand Lohan (Chinese: 探手羅漢; pinyin: Tànshǒu Luóhàn)

11. Rahula
(Sanskrit: Rāhula)
(Chinese: 羅怙羅尊者; pinyin: Luóhùluó Zūnzhě)

Pondering and meditating,
Understanding it all.
Above this world and free from conventions,
Compassion conveyed up to the Ninth Heaven

Thinking Lohan (Chinese: 沉思羅漢; pinyin: Chénsāi Luóhàn)

12. Nagasena
(Sanskrit: Nāgasena)
(Chinese: 那迦犀那尊者; pinyin: Nājiāxīnā Zūnzhě)

Leisurely and contented,
Happy and knowledgeable.
Full of wit and humour,
Exuberant with interest.

Scratch Ear Lohan (Chinese: 挖耳羅漢; pinyin: Wāěr Luóhàn)

13. Angida
(Chinese: 因揭陀尊者; pinyin: Yīnjiētuó Zūnzhě)

Buddha of infinite life,
Valuable bag containing secrets of heaven and earth.
Happy and contented,
Cheerful and joyful is he.

Calico Bag Lohan (Chinese: 布袋羅漢; pinyin: Bùdài Luóhàn)

14. Vanavasa
(Sanskrit: Vanavāsa)
(Chinese: 伐那婆斯尊者; pinyin: Fánāpósī Zūnzhě)

Carefree and leisurely,
Disdainfully regards the Great Void.
With celestial airs and religious spirit,
Transcending this mortal world.

Plantain Lohan (Chinese: 芭蕉羅漢; pinyin: Bājiāo Luóhàn)

15. Asita
(Chinese: 阿氏多尊者; pinyin: āshìduō Zūnzhě)

Compassionate elder,
A monk who has attained enlightenment.
Perceptive of the infinite universe,
With tacit understanding.

Long Eyebrow Lohan (Chinese: 长眉羅漢; pinyin: Chángméi Luóhàn)

16. Pantha the Younger
(Chinese: 注茶半托迦尊者; pinyin: Zhùchá Bàntuōjiā Zūnzhě)

Powerful, husky and tough,
Watching with careful alertness.
With the Buddhist staff in hand.
Valiantly annihilates the evil.

Doorman Lohan (Chinese: 看門羅漢; pinyin: Kānmén Luóhàn)

17. Nantimitolo+
(Chinese: 慶友尊者; pinyin: Qìngyǒu Zūnzhě)

In the hands are the spiritual pearl and the holy bowl,
Endowed with power that knows no bounds.
Full of valour, vigour and awe-inspiring dignity,
To succeed in vanquishing the ferocious dragon.

Taming Dragon Lohan (Chinese: 降龍羅漢; pinyin: Xiánglóng Luóhàn)

18. Pindola+
(Chinese: 賓頭廬尊者; pinyin: Bīntóulú Zūnzhě)

Precious ring with magical powers,
Infinitely resourceful.
Vigorous and powerful,
Subduing a ferocious tiger.

Taming Tiger Lohan (Chinese: 伏虎羅漢; pinyin: Fúhǔ Luóhàn)