Author Topic: G100Y 1986 Ghost Date is a matter of degrees  (Read 7297 times)

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Re: G100Y 1986 Ghost Date is a matter of degrees
« Reply #15 on: December 17, 2016, 07:21:23 PM »
The coin with a better frosty surface does not necessary to be made with the earlier stage of die state. Most production die under 3-4 frosty treatments before being consider to be wore out and unusable. Usually, the coin made from production die with earlier stage of second treatment is considered to be the best struck coin. It still has the original 3-D details but with a better frosty surface. Based on the 3-D details in the picture post by SANDC (assuming the pictures were taking with the same lighting, resolution, etc.), IMO, the frosty coin may be made from die after 2 or 3 frosty treatments, while the ghost coin may be the later stage of die state after initial or second treatment.

Great info poconopenn, thanks. All the more reason why there are infinite variations of frosting, and why they are not really die varieties.

Also I agree with Hippanda that the first coin seems to have most of the details frosted out, so IMO that would not be an ideal strike. But that's a matter of opinion ;-)