Author Topic: NGC, NCS and PCGS ??? How it works for a Rare Coin  (Read 1788 times)

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NGC, NCS and PCGS ??? How it works for a Rare Coin
« on: October 06, 2014, 05:08:46 AM »

My Problem is, i have a rar coin and i dont know anything about the gradings Services... Ive read their Homepages, but with no answer for me.
Im from Germany, here is only a Office at Munich, but i dont know the opening times, the call answer on the telephone says only they have opend today? And that is all i can inform me about  :ohmy:

But i think u can help me ,

with NGC i must registerd me for 39 Dollars and than i can send over the munich Office the coin?

How much are the fees for grading, shippment and insurance? (Panda 1985 Brass) PCGS have listed it with 45.000$ and the last one here was sold for 20.000$.
On the coins are Fingerprints, i want that NCS remove it. The Coin will be send from the Office first to NCS and from NCS directly to NGC?

How much is that coast?

Ive found this one:
With a declared Value of 45.000$
NCS Evaluation 450$ (1%)
NCS Conservation 1800$ (4%)
NCS Walkthrough 100$

NGC Europe Walkthrough Grading 450$ (for 100.000$) include free shippment to Munich

= 2800$

The NGC fee should be right, but 2350$ fees for NCS im wrong?

How Long will it be taken that the coin Returns? Ive heard 2 Months and i can only pay with CC or could i pay in the Munich Office too?

Is the Conservation and Grading Service cheaper with PCGS for remove Fingerprints?

Thanks for helping..