Author Topic: Which Type of Rarity Trumps?  (Read 878 times)

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Which Type of Rarity Trumps?
« on: May 18, 2014, 12:13:02 AM »
When there are large and small date versions of the same coin, does rarity of the date style trump grade rarity?

Hypothetical Example:
199X 1/2 oz gold panda

Large date:
-BU estimate 2,000
-50 coins graded at 68, 16 coins graded at 69

Small date:
-BU estimate 1,500
-40 coins graded at 68, 28 graded at 69

The SD coins is believed to be rarer (which often leads to increased submissions), however, the LD appears tougher to find in the 69 grade. So if you can only afford one of these coins, which coin do you add to your collection? Why?

This is something I haven't thought a lot about, so I wonder what the more experienced members have to say . . .