Author Topic: PCGS Announces Restoration Service (PCS)  (Read 1451 times)

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PCGS Announces Restoration Service (PCS)
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:11:32 PM »

As SANDAC noted from an email sent to him, please refer to the link below:

This is the text of the email:

Restoration Service
Starting January 1, 2013, we will be offering a PCGS Restoration Service. This service will be provided only for those coins which we believe have problems that can be alleviated by professional restoration, basically mild cleaning. It is extremely important to note that this isn’t a service to arbitrarily clean every coin in existence and make them all “white”. And we will refuse to work on any coin that has attractive natural toning that is being sent to us just because the owner wants a white coin. There are certain practices that are accepted in the numismatic community (“dipping” silver coins being a prime example) and those are the only things we will do for you. So for example, if you have a silver coin with problem spots or some ugly toning areas, we will professionally “dip” the coin for you if we think the coin will benefit, but we won’t “dip” a coin with nice natural toning. We have published a list of what we view as both acceptable restoration work and unacceptable coin doctoring on our website at There will be no guarantee that coins will be upgraded.  This service will be offered for PCGS and uncertified coins only, and the PCGS Grading Guarantee will apply to all PCGS coins submitted.  You can elect to have us remove your coin from another holder. The fee will be $25 per coin if we decide that the coin should not or cannot be restored.  If we actually do restore the coin the fee will be 4% of the final value (based on the PCGS Price Guide or the declared value whichever is higher) plus the appropriate grading fee.  The details of the PCGS Restoration Service can be found on our website at