Author Topic: Huang Ruiyong's "Explore the Wonderful World of Small Silver Coins"  (Read 8225 times)

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Re: Huang Ruiyong's "Explore the Wonderful World of Small Silver Coins"
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2014, 01:57:00 PM »
Dear fwang2450,

Have read several of your post and blog now and thought I'd let you know I appreciate your efforts. Great stuff with Ruiyong's lectures, Dandans comments (I wonder which dealer at the LuGong market hides behind this alias).

Anyways, I'd like to share my gameplan for the Lunar year of the Horse which might give some good ideas to another newbie. (and give a chuckle to some senior member  ;) )

Since most of the big coins on the 'starlist' are way out of my league I've started on a 'small starlist' of my own and will focus on Pandas. From the ideas shown on your blog I give each coin my perceived ratings;
i) Investment rating. Focus of rarity.
ii) Collectability rating. Just my opinion of much I and others like it.
iii) Variety rating. My word for any coin that have major or minor variants that are not recognized by NGC/PCGS at present.

The last two years I've randomly bought silver and gold Pandas and a few MCC's. Been fun. But during the last 6 months my intention was to accumulate more goodlooking key date 1oz silver Pandas in OMP and improve my grading skills. As a spinoff of this I finally completed my run at the 1oz silver BU Pandas from 1989-2014. Been more fun!
Now I've finally learned some about rarity, price structure, got some GuangXi/befriended some dealers at LuGong (Swedes are a rarity at LuGong) and learned a little about variants. Focus has been to first cover the beginners level Ag and Au Pandas and not be too distracted by all 5-star specimens. For Pandas I will now branch out to Pt, Pd and bi-metallic. I will also try to 'super-size' my Panda collection a little, i.e. buy some more 2oz, 5oz-1kg's over the next year. At least possible for Silver coins. :-)

Over this new Lunar year my plan is to grade all my Silver Pandas I feel can score well with. Learn the grading game and try my luck with NGC since they seems to be most popular in China. Then sell off some MS68-MS69 and def. keep any MS70's. Work on my first NGC registry set.
For the graded Gold Pandas I have I will try to buy a few more to complete some 1.9oz Gold sets in MS69 or MS70. Then sell some off to get some profit!

Then repeat.