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Two block chain ETF launched today.   

I am much more technical trader for gold, as fundamentals haven't worked for the last 6 years.  Despite all the craziness in the world gold has done nothing, but go down or trade sideways.  A break above $1400 would signal breakout of multi year pattern and a high likelihood of testing prior high.  Sold out of my entire bullion position in 2017 after a 10 year hold for many of the coins like strips of 1986-1988 gold panda proof sets.  If gold breaks I will buy mining shares and stay liquid until breakout is confirmed.
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by baron88 on Yesterday at 11:52:06 PM »
As I know the SEC has rejected all bitcoin ETF applications to date. And I am curious as to why you said if gold breaks above $1,400 you will be on board?
I am not fan of GBTC anymore, it was fine when it was the only publicly traded security to own despite high premium to NAV, but now with more equities and ETFs coming out the premium will shrink and you could lose 30% during a flat bitcoin price market. 

The dot come bubble was scary as it was my first experience with bubble popping, but relatively it was like watching paint dry compared to bitcoins, take look at this chart comparing various bubbles.

Owning cyrotos is like owning paper money stored in a house filled with natural gas, any moment it could go up in smoke or if no spark occurs business as usual.  Today bitconnect exchange platform announced it was shutting down in a week, its tokens to finance its operation and to own a piece of the platform equity dropped by 90%, it probably will drop by 100% by the end of the week.  The owners sold tokens (equity) in the business say at $400 and now are running away with the proceeds and there is nothing investors can do about it.  This is why governments are getting involved.

Finally, today people are switching from cyrotos to physical gold, at least in europe.  The mcc sellers will probably not switch back until they lose everything based on the personalities involved.  They held mcc for far longer than they should and will certainly hold cyrotos way longer than they should. 
China Imperial & Republic / Re: Szechuan Province Dragon Dollar
« Last post by panda on Yesterday at 10:13:52 PM »
just for the records,  this coin got a XF Details grade from NGC.

Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by baron88 on Yesterday at 09:04:29 PM »
GBTC’s premium is determined by supply and demand. One can check out its discount/premium to NAV everyday. But most importantly is its price action. When bitcoin was traded around $3,000, GBTC was at $330. Today it closed at $1,636. And that is down from $3,523 just about a month ago. The point is, if you buy low, there is still nice profit to be made, regardless of the premium you paid. Crytocurrency has lost its initial purpose and intent, and become a big speculative game. I hope those who sold their mcc holdings and got into the game, made some good money and got out already. This is the most volatile price action I I've seen since the year 2000 dot com bubble.
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by jc888888888 on Yesterday at 05:59:54 PM »
Baron 88  is correct GBTC is safer but the premium (fee)  is huge anywhere from 20 to 100%  you are in many instances paying double the spot price    do your research ....
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by baron88 on Yesterday at 04:39:56 PM »

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated, so the cash in the account is not insured. And there is no guarantee cash and/or coins in the account will not be misplaced, mishandled, or worse, the entire account gets suspended, for reason of possible criminal activity, such as money laundering, at the exchange’s discretion. If you trade bitcoin, you will also encounter long waits (hours) for a trade to get confirmed. This is because the bitcoin blackchain is not designed to handle such large amount of trades fast. And this is why there is a talk about increasing the block size, a thing which is already done in bitcoin cash, after the hardfolk.

There is a bitcoin investment trust traded at the otc market that you can check out. Its symbol is GBTC. This is a much safer way of investing in bitcoin, not counting the volatility factor.
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by jc888888888 on Yesterday at 07:49:41 AM »
Actually he does not like metals  ..this is an area we disagree:)   Buffet is real old school he is still walking around with a flip phone...he buys good businesses at a discount he understands and tries to hold it forever, can knock him for not understanding  Tech and staying away from it. that is understood... but once he gets it he is all in ...He currently owns more than 5% of Apple  .one could argue he got in late ??  on the flip side the biggest move in the shortest period of time in apple stock has taken place at his entry point at apx $100 a share, $170 now (look at the chart)...  one could also theorize part of that huge short term move  had something to do with him entering into the stock, a lot of people watch his moves very closely... What interest me most is he willing to add to that position at these $170 levels. 
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 07:31:06 AM »
You have valid points Arif as always ..... block-chain technology is extraordinary and revolutionary  bit coin is simply not the way to invest in it IMHO  ,  now on to Warren Buffet :)  he has doubled the S&P return since 1965 no one can claim that record:) and did it safely with only a negative return in a couple of years in that 50 year time span.Overall Gain 1.9million % vs S&P500 12,700% pretty impressive
   Compounded Annual Gain – 1965-2016 ............................ Warren 20.8%     S&P 500 9.7%
   Overall Gain – 1964-2016 ............................................... Warren 1,972,595%    S&P 500 12,717%
Lets talk about FANG stocks(full disclosure I own them all)
Lets pick one: the most famous of them all IMHO APPLE  that you mention
If you invested $1000 in the IPO of APPLE in 1980 your $1000 would be worth $394,000.00 if you reinvested Dividends and took in account stock splits.Pretty Darn good
NOW : Now lets take a look at washed up Warren:) 1980 you invest $1000 in Berkshire Hathaway you got $510,808.00 today:)
Why I admire Buffet? he is an opportunist extraordinaire: lets take 2008 financial crisis : people thought the banking world was going to end :) What does he do he tries to buy all of Bank of America for $5 a share:) .THE BEST PART : He takes this huge position with a loan to BOA @10% interest and a massive amount of Warrants that he can exercise or not exercise to buy stock At apx $6  the guy smells blood in the water as good or better than anyone :)  IS he the absolute best place to invest .....who knows?? but if you want relative safety and pretty darn good returns  it does not hurt to tuck a few bucks away with the old man:)

What is Buffet's opinion of precious metals?     I read he once owned a lot of silver bullion then sold it about 10 yrs ago?     Buffet was the first to label derivatives "weapons of financial destruction".      The West is full of derivatives (thanks to W. Bush) so Buffet knows where that leads to.      Why does he not promote bullion or PM?     What is his opinion?.....
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