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What's It Worth? / Re: Really nice or Really fake? 3 Birds
« Last post by eh365038 on Today at 04:07:07 PM »
Coin weighed out if you are interested. Nice.
In case anyone is interested, I broke the coin I was interested in out of the holder and weighed/ measured it. It weighed out perfectly. Looks like I'll be sending it in.

Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Yuanmingyuan to buy
« Last post by Tannenberg on Today at 01:51:12 PM »
Thank you.  That makes it more difficult (lol).
Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Yuanmingyuan to buy
« Last post by mcc168 on Today at 01:44:40 PM »
According to NGC Census, there is none graded 70.  :001_tt2:
Buy, Sell & Trade / Yuanmingyuan to buy
« Last post by Tannenberg on Yesterday at 08:56:39 PM »

I'm interested in a brass Yuanmingyuan NGC PF70 if someone wants to sell one.

Oops, one last one.......
In the 1980's the rare US coin market had a flood of investment funds enter the small market.   Many rare US coin collectors became wealthy almost overnight.   Strong US dollar means strong prices for US rare coins.   In time China will have a strong Yuan and the USD will fall as will rare US coins.    Those collectors that profited on rare US coins are now in the MCC market.     They expect the same results but this time more money has been created since the 80's so when big money comes into MCC and other Chinese collectible money the gains will be higher......
Last yr i posted a article that the Chinese paid about $387,000? for the World's top racing pigeon.   The European bidders stopped bidding at about $80,000.    One example of many that Chinese will outbid for what they want as they are the World's wealthiest country.    MCC is a semi immature market today....
MCC collecting is a no brainer........

Google to Armando a racing pigeon sold in Europe for $1.4 million to a Chinese buyer.      $1.4 million.       The last one was in 2013? named Bart the $400,000 racing pigeon that sold to a Chinese buyer.      Actual prices w/ fees were a bit less then $400K.        When we will see racing pigeon prices for rare Chinese coins/medal?       Chinese buyers are outbidding the world for rarity as usual....
I am interested in selling all of these pictured. I haven't yet worked up the prices on each so I am open to offers, please comment below or send me a private message with the item you are interested in and the offer. No spots, no problems on any of my pandas. Add 6 bucks shipping in the continental USA. I accept many forms of payment, paypal, venmo, cashapp, google wallet, usps money order. Admins please remove this post if this type of post is not allowed. Thank you.
What's It Worth? / Re: Bank of China medal 1982
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 08:25:59 AM »
I keep forgetting to look at Huang Ruiyong's medal list.      Has this list been upgraded?      Bank of China    Finance - 4 stars
(For example the 1985 Palace Museum silver w/ 200 mint has 4 1/2 stars. )    Is this correct?...

A article or comments from China could bring attention to this Bank of China silver medal.     Today supply is good and prices very cheap but that could change.   I would buy them both.....
What's It Worth? / Re: Bank of China medal 1982
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 07:35:15 AM »
Condition is up to NGC but you should be able to get a opinion thru photos like all coins/medals.      No fakes that i know of yet.     I think this early year medal has a good upside in the long run.     Higher past prices have brought them out of the woodwork.    For me, they are worth buying and that price is very reasonable.      It makes sense that collectors will want to own the first Bank coin/medal from China.....
What's It Worth? / Re: Bank of China medal 1982
« Last post by bekiz on March 20, 2019, 10:48:15 AM »
Very important 1st Bank of China silver medal to own.      Prices in the past few years went above $900 for OMP as the high mark...

Recently i told a friend to bid and buy and he did.     Jan 18th   OMP box    $167.50  Sold  on ebay..
Another one sold recently on ebay  OMP box for over  $250....

Most come out of Great Britain...   There is a past post here titled 1982 Bank of China if you want to search...

Thank you.
I have read past post you refer to. But the things are changing and the price range mentioned in post was $80-400 (if memory serves me well), so was looking for some up to date information.

I was offered this medal for $130, and the seller had two, so I was thinking of getting both in order to average down postage charges. So average cost goes to $140 poconopenn refered to.

Still no idea if it is a good price for the condition or I should pass the deal.
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