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General Discussion / Re: Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 10:12:58 PM »
Bummer, i was hoping the tariff for coins would be removed.....

Silverseek  or Goldseek  "Silver shock update......"

Kitco   "Silver market faces supply crunch...."     

Will $100 million come into gold/silver?    How about $1 billion?   $ Trillions are being created so why not $1 Trillion?   More fake money the higher price of both gold/silver.     Again, back in the 1980's when gold/silver shot up, one of my realtor's parents owned a coin shop in CA.   4 of their fellow Coin shop owners/friends were killed by thieves.....

Paul Craig Roberts  "A report on successful....."    Same article about a NY doctor that claims to have a cure and posted here earlier.   I sent it to FOX news.  "I am a senior Chinese military......"      As expected it was removed from Reddit & Steve Quayle.    Probably will be removed here too so that means there is a lot of truth to it...
General Discussion / Re: Hey everyone nice forum :)
« Last post by tater on Yesterday at 06:45:42 PM »
Why yes it is.  Welcome, tell us a little about yourself.
Modern Chinese Medals / Re: CATTE aluminum Feng Yunming set
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 05:24:49 PM »
Here is the topic for Feng's 12 pc silver archaeological set and other medals, 7 pages.     I don't know the weight of the silver medals but maybe someone else does know......
There is a party that plans to contact early year artist about Feng.....
General Discussion / Re: Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!
« Last post by Clark Smith on March 31, 2020, 07:45:58 PM »
The plan would not apply to tariffs on Chinese and European goods subject to Section 301 tariffs or to steel and aluminum subject to Section 232 tariffs.

Coins/numismatics are Section 301, list 4a.    Current tariff 7.5%.

No cut in tariff beyond the recent cut to 7.5%.

More information:
General Discussion / Re: Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!
« Last post by pandamonium on March 31, 2020, 05:52:13 PM »
Kitco   "Trump signs off on deferring tariffs ......"         Does this include Chinese coins/medals?    Can someone look into it?

Bullion Star  by Ronan Manly   "COMEX can't find a 400 oz......"

Dave Hodges Common Sense Show   "Analysis;  Nearly every person....."

Steve Quayle    "Americans will have to cure the......"
General Discussion / Re: Hey everyone nice forum :)
« Last post by Agpanda on March 31, 2020, 10:03:36 AM »
Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: Help indentifing these 2 2003 pandas
« Last post by PandaCollector on March 31, 2020, 01:23:11 AM »
I cannot tell from the photos due to the lighting.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
NGC Consultant
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The Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide 3jmjkmjumnAA`qqQZ
Home of the 2020 Valentine Panda
General Discussion / Re: Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!
« Last post by pandamonium on March 30, 2020, 09:30:09 PM »
Controlled breathing from my posts?    OK, marijuana is legal.    My posts on zinc supplements/lozenges is helping others and word is getting out how important it is.   Why not prepare instead of dying or going into a induced coma w/ respirator?   I will not posts about the other items we must have to fight the virus for a few weeks as me and my friends must buy supply.    If i posted now all supply would be gone overnight.     My opinion on $1,000 silver is basic math.    Wait till panic buying happens.    I was told there is supply but the coins shops i emailed today have very little if any silver, why?    We saw panic buying w/ food so i posted about Mountain House and how prices went up then back down.    There will soon be more panic buying of food.   How do farmers around the world plant when they and employees are shut in?    Other topics are for people to google and learn for themselves.    Remember my posts years ago of Tucker Carlson on FOX news?   Today many tell me they record his shows and other FOX shows.    The herd mentality yum yums are waking up that CNN and MSN have lied to them for years.   
Have worked w/ and been around many people from many other countries mostly Asians.    They all admire America for these words.   Yankee Know How.   Not matter what the problems, Americans will get on it.    I think we will soon find a preventive cure for this virus ahead of the rest of the world.     From what i read and return emails i get, zinc is part of the cure but not all of it... GOD BLESS AMERICA!   I noticed wg's post too and think it is a good warning but also entertaining...
General Discussion / Hey everyone nice forum :)
« Last post by Larryaceri on March 30, 2020, 05:09:54 PM »
Hey everyone nice forum :)
General Discussion / Re: Anyone Buying MCC at these Levels?
« Last post by bonke on March 30, 2020, 04:09:39 PM »
I am interested in buying

1)  Pan 25b - 1985 China gold 10y panda - Ghost Temple Die State

2)  Pan 30b - 1986 China gold 100y panda - Ghost Date Die State

3)  Pan 189b - 1993 China gold 100y panda - Textured Numerals

Without doubt, I want these in NGC MS69 holders and without problems, such as red spots, toning, etc.

If you have these available, please send me a personal message with slab numbers and price.  I will respond as soon as I see the message.

Mark Bonke

ps  Yes, I am buying modern Chinese coins at these levels.  This pulls my request back on topic.
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