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Gallery highlights / Re: 100 Yuan 1995 "Tang Taizong"
« Last post by Stein on Today at 10:02:51 AM »
cool congrats!! N31
Introductions / Re: Greetings from Berlin / Germany
« Last post by Agpanda on Today at 08:43:12 AM »
Welcome to the forum from Sweden
Introductions / Greetings from Berlin / Germany
« Last post by KaBa on Yesterday at 04:28:45 PM »
Hello to all! I am a nearly old collector from Berlin, a town in Germany.
My hobby why I am here is collecting encased postages and postage money.
Looking in elder books I learned that China has had its own exciting variety of such sort of emergency money. Here, in Germany, we do not know anything about this. I want to learn and I want to find some material a) for my collection and b) for some smaller articles. And maybe ... I can offer some knowledge to your members about such money from other countries like Argentinia, Greece, Russia, ao.
China Imperial & Republic / Re: Chihli dollar 1908
« Last post by Stein on Yesterday at 02:49:38 PM »
yes im think too its a good Coin  N31
Tokens / Re: Yong Yuan Co. tokens
« Last post by KONDi on Yesterday at 10:25:05 AM »
It's been nearly 4 years since I wrote something here...

Recently I found two pictures of 20 cents from Yong Yuan Co.

It's very interesting to see black enamel, which I believe was the original patina on jiao old Shanghai token.
Interesting post as i have wondered about the varieties for the 1995.

So NGC says 2 varieties for the Small Date and Large Date?......
These are the S5Y Panda Coins that NGC acknowledges a variety:

Asked NGC to recognize the 1996 S5Y Rounded and Pointed shoulder variety and they rejected the request -

"Thanks for the photos. I showed one of the senior graders and he said it was too minor as the frosting was all done by hand back then. If we did this one, we’d be doing a million tiny variations"

Asked NGC to recognize the 1998  S5Y Thin and Thick branch variety and they rejected the request -

"I checked with him on this one as well and he said no. We simply cannot do every small variety or there would be hundreds (or more) of them for the series."


Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Buying - 5oz gold God of Longevity medal
« Last post by Hippanda on May 17, 2019, 01:20:01 AM »
<PM sent>
China Imperial & Republic / Re: 1911 China coin to see is to believe
« Last post by linlaujiou on May 16, 2019, 07:56:19 PM »
1.   沒有人為智商故意造就的瑕疵不成真幣
2.   體悟造幣防偽設計
3.   欣賞雕工刀鑿痕
4.   對截圖有意見的歡迎把自己手上錢幣放大比較
Buy, Sell & Trade / Buying - 5oz gold God of Longevity medal
« Last post by bonke on May 16, 2019, 07:44:07 PM »

1987 God of Longevity 5oz Gold Medal

problem free in original mint packaging with COA - $9000

problem free in NGC PF68UC holder with or without COA - $10,500

problem free in NGC PF69UC holder with COA - $12,000

Mark Bonke
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