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Title: October 20-21 Champion Hong Kong Auction Report
Post by: BobW on October 21, 2008, 01:27:04 PM
The Seventh Champion Hong Kong Auction contained around 70 lots related to Hong Kong coin collecting. There were HK coins for every budget. In general, the more expensive items received no bids. This could be because of the recent downturn in financial markets or perhaps the reserve prices were set too high. Some lots that may be of interest.

The HK items and the reserve price of coins that did not get hammered included:

** A unique 1900H Copper 5 cent PCGS AU55  $800.00

** A gorgeous 1862 Copper 1 cent PCGS PR64RB Trial Pattern  $8,000.00

** A unique 1873 20 cent Trial Pattern PCGS PR64   $32,000.00

** A unique 1869 Copper 10 cent Specimen PCGS SP62BN   $32,000.00

** A spotted uncertified 1862 Brass 1 cash Trial Pattern UNC.   $1,500.00

There was an overall shortage of scarce business strike coins as has been true in most recent auctions. Three coins of note were these scarce Queen Victoria 5 cent pieces with a 15% buyer's premium included:

** 1880H 5 cent PCGS MS62   $182.00
   A nice coin for the grade, somewhat weakly struck.

** 1880H 5 cent PCGS MS64   $391.00
   I thought this weakly struck coin looked more like an MS62 but there were 10 bid increments realized in the auction.

** 1882H 5 cent PCGS MS63   $368.00
   In my opinion the best of the three but weakly struck. Similar coins recently sold for around $600 with a full strike.

There were some coins which can often be found for sale on eBay. Price includes a 15% buyer's premium: 

** 1903 5 cent PCGS MS64   $92.00

** 1903 5 cent PCGS MS65   $115.00

** 1904 5 cent PCGS MS65   $115.00

** 1905 5 cent PCGS MS65   $149.50

Four attractive Hong Kong Mil coins received bidders' attention and sold for fair amounts. Price includes the 15% bump.

** 1863 Mil PCGS MS63RB   $230.00

** 1864 Mil PCGS AU53BN   $1,759.00 rare

** 1865 Mil PCGS MS64RB   $230.00

** 1866 Mil PCGS MS64RB   $218.50

A rare 1941-KN 5 cent nickel described as uncirculated sold for $1,150 with the buyer's premium.

A collection of two each 1, 10 and 20 cent coins dated from 1890-1899 described by the auctioneer as EF-AU had quite a bid of interest and sold for $276.00 with the 15% premium.

The China coins portion of the auction appeared to be receiving strong interest.

Champion will have the prices realized for the entire auction online in about three weeks.