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Title: Does anyone know about these coins?
Post by: YKC on September 22, 2018, 01:13:00 PM
These coins belonged to my great grandfather.  I am told they are genuine.  I am posting photos of them because I think I can get some answers from here.  I am wondering if these are worth anything.  Should I be taking care of them or not?  Thanks so much. 
Title: Re: Does anyone know about these coins?
Post by: TomG on October 17, 2018, 08:33:39 PM
The first two photographs show copper / bronze 10 cash coins from near the end of the Qing Dynasty (@ 1902-1908 during the reign of the Kuang Hsu, the second to last emperor). They will weigh approximately 7.3-7.4 g and measure 28-29mm diameter and 1.8mm rim thickness. Because the multiple coins shown come from different parts of the empire, I will leave their individual identification for a later date when the specimens can be numbered for easier reference in an accompanying response.

The third and fourth photographs show a 1929 British trade dollar. Weight: 26.9-27.0g, 39.0mm diameter in 90% weight in silver. A 1929 specimen in VF20-XF40 condition has a catalog value of approximately $30-$80. Initially used throughout Southeast Asia in the 1895, it was used primarily in Hong Kong after 1903 when a separate Straits Settlements dollar coin was introduced.

Because they are a legacy, it would be worthwhile to care for them to pass on to your descendants. The 10 cash coins are in are worth conserving to minimize loss of detail. Copper-containing coins can be kept from mechanical and humidity damage by enclosing them in a minimum 2mm thick ziplock bag with a silica gel pack for storage  below 35% relative humidity. The 3M 1" square anti-tarnish square will help capture corrosive gases from attacking silver and copper surfaces.
Title: Re: Does anyone know about these coins?
Post by: YKC on October 18, 2018, 06:25:46 PM
Thank you.  There were other coins too that I didn't post, but I will take care of all of them.  I am now looking for the things you recommended.