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Title: How normal is the 5 oz panda in the marketplace? - newer years
Post by: christians86 on April 05, 2016, 05:01:34 AM
Looking more into the market and how "easy" it is to find actual vs expected mintage I'm wondering. For the 5 oz proof it seems few people collect them, one person I talk to seems to think there are to many, and I see few of them were I live. I do see them on sale at apmex at prices for the new ones which makes me think of them as bullion or equal to Lunar 2 series silver.
But I'm wondering - if they are this unpopular, is there anything to the thought that the actual mintage might be significantly lower? I see this with the Lunar 2 oz gold coins, in years were gold perform bad actual mintage is low, while if popular motives or years were gold perform good, they are higher. I.e. Goat 2 oz gold has the 3. lowest mintage in the series for 2. oz .

Any ideas? Reason why i'm asking is because when searching this forum I couldn't find any questions for it before, and these are as someone mentioned in my previous topic easier and cheaper to collect as the price and markup hasn't gone through the roof yet.