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Title: 1993 Possessing a Piece of the Homeland 5 oz Gold Proof Coin
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The “Possessing a Piece of the Homeland” (from now on referred to as the “Homeland”) set was a one-off commemorative set struck in 1993 consisting of 11 coins – 6 gold and 5 silver – with depictions of sacred religious mountaintop shrines, temples, and burial sites from ancient Chinese history.

The obverse face features an image of the Great Wall, internationally an instantly recognizable symbol of China’s rich history and power. Above the image is the inscription of the People’s Republic of China: “中华人民共和国”. Below is the year of issue, 1993.

The reverse face is really quite fantastic, featuring a beautiful image of the tomb of the Yellow Emperor flanked by two cypress trees. The site is located on Mount Qiao, north of...