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Title: 2012 Nine Sons of the Dragon 60 mm Silver 7.5 oz Mintage 99 Pieces Only NGC
Post by: BoyBlueJay on September 09, 2014, 09:24:38 AM


Shanghai Mint 2012 Nine Sons of the Dragon.  Silver 60 mm about 7.5 oz each.  Mintage only 99 pieces each.  This set is #66 and each one is stamped on the outer edge with the NGC Peek-A-Boo viewing slot in the slab to see it.  Only sold in complete sets and RARELY offered individually.  The complete set sold for thousands of dollars.  I am offering the opportunity for my customers to be able to add at least one of these to their collection.  These are absolutely stunning high relief designs.  Last year I auctioned some 66 and 67 grades that brought up to $1300 each.  This set has six 69s and three 68s.  I think the 68s should be worth at least $1500 each and the 69s closer to $2000.  (And in truth could soon be much higher.)  As the MCC market continues to recover and grow, low mintage pieces like these are surely to be leaders in appreciation as far as investment potential is concerned.  I'm thinking of putting these in the Ebay auction this coming Sunday for a week, but will entertain offers in the meantime.  Please email me direct at and not here on the forum so I get your message much faster.

Links to each one at NGC are below.  But the photos they have do not show the true in-hand beauty of these pieces.

Thanks for looking!