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Oops, i forgot.    This German seller sold a 2004 PF 69 Color Monkey  $200  USD  about 2 months ago.    (He had it listed for $800 if that jogs anyone's memory)...   Here is his 1993 PF 69 Fu Lu Shou 5 oz listing number.....ebay 263674235115
2008 PF 69 Color Rat sold for $100 Euro  or  $117 USD?       My collector buddy bought one on ebay for about $200 last month.   

1988  Munich 5 oz Silver Panda  $360   or  $419  USD?   Another good price....

jsmineset    PT Question More      Jim Rodgers   "US has largest debt in world history, dollar to lose status as #1 currency"....       
As posted here for some time, Jim moved his family to Asia and taught his children Chinese.   He buys Chinese gold/silver pandas for several years now.     
Some articles say the Petro Yuan has 12% to 15% of the world's oil sold in Yuan.    In just 2 months w/ more oil sellers willing to sell oil in Yuan not USD.     How long before oil for Yuan reaches 30% or more?.....      This will bring world attention to Chinese money so MCC or other Chinese coins/medals for cheap is a very good buy....
Identification Help / Please help to rate the Golden Chinese ring
« Last post by Palich_Gerhard on Today at 03:19:37 AM »
Please excuse me for asking you to evaluate not the coins but the Golden Chinese 2 rings I found during the excavations . I think it's the 19th century, but maybe someone can help me determine exactly . Thanks in advance !
Ive got today my pieces. The coins are OMP Stacks.
For 25€/piece a great price.

los 208
zuschlag 100 euro

I visited the Teutoburger coin auction today:

There were 3 Chinese bidders in the room. And we had a strong telephone bidder also and there was also a strong interest for
the better rare coins from the internet online bidders.

The Platin I&D set was sold for 40.000 Euro +premium.   The 5 Oz Flying Eve Goldcoin was sold for 39.000 Euro + premium
There were some really strong buyers.  I lost several items with bids being double what I wanted to pay.  Did you attend, were the floor bidders german or chinese.

The number 1 COA seems to have brought in extra $10K for the set. 
Don't do it.  I made 100+ of 5 piece multi holder gold panda sets back in 2008-2009, only sold 25 as is, people prefer individual slabs so they can swap out coins if they tone (or NCS them).  Another dealer made about 50+ of these and didn't pay attention to SD vs LD, so his slabs are a mess, he still has most of them and doesn't want to pay to reslab them and is missing many of correct varieties to correct the designations.

As for this bimetallic, the picture of the gold coin on label is of 100 Y, not even 50 Y, just sloppy.  Why anyone bothers to ruin coins by putting them in PCGS holders is beyond me.

Thanks for opinion based on experience. It is something that I plan to think about for sometime to be sure I know what I am doing. Best wishes.
all withdrawn/sold
Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Selling gold panda coins
« Last post by ccl on May 24, 2018, 02:03:31 PM »
Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Selling gold panda coins
« Last post by hopeusw on May 24, 2018, 02:01:18 PM »
Sorry it is a typo on my poster. This one is actually a 68UC coin.

Thank you for your interest anyway.

confirmed 1993 5 OZ siver fu lu shu NGC 69 UC $2750
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