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Just want to give credit to the owner of this forum, snowball, for his efforts to promote MCC to the collectors worldwide. This forum, started in 2008, has no advisement or commission income to fund the operations.  He did not ask any financial support from members until 2016, for very small donation. (You need to login to see this thread)

Many members have contributed their knowledge and their discovery in this forum for new varieties which were recognized by grading services companies later. I own at least 80% of the books related to MCC. Unfortunately, none of those authors has ever credit to this forum for the discovery of those varieties in their books.
Mr. Sun is the only author who provides the source of the discovery of the varieites in his book. 
Identification Help / Re: Punching to identify
« Last post by poconopenn on Today at 02:20:33 PM »
Please see the difference of  marked two Chinese characters in the attached pictures. These two characters certify the metal containing more than 75% of tin, which is the general definition of pewter.
I am sorry that Frank never met Nick, it would have been nice for both of them. I am very glad that Frank is here to share his knowledge with us. As for Nick's potential influence on the MCC market, what is unknowable can only be speculated about. A couple of things that Nick and Mr. Sun share(d) is that both were collectors themselves and neither relied on coins for income.

A larger conversation is the perception that certain coin values are tied to bullion.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
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Mr. Sun's impact on the Chinese circulating coins is beyond words. For one thing, is paid out of his own pocket. The website is still losing money because there are few ads and commission from coin sales/auctions is extremely low. Mr. Sun has his own business, and so can afford to foot the bill.

I came to MCC too late to feel the influence of Nick. But I don't believe that the overall MCC market could be much different even if he were alive now. The US MCC market is a small section of the total MCC market. A similar leading figure in China would be more instrumental. But people like Huang Ruiyong and Ge Zukang got into controversies, lost their leadership and have not been very active. Yet this is only one of the reasons that the MCC market is low. Generally MCC is tied to and held captive by the bullion prices. The base metal circulating coins, on the other hand, are free from this problem and follow the market cycle of their own.

Please note that the membership of this forum is about 2450, while coin001 has about 126,700. The majority of members in this forum are MCC, especially panda, collectors, while the majority members at coin001 are circulated coin collectors. The significant large collector base vs. other MCC, has supported the valuation of circulated coins in this down market.

This is kind of an apples and oranges comparison. First off, the Chinese Coin Forum is the only English website I know of that even covers circulating Chinese coins, so its membership includes at least some of the foreign interest in those.

Second, has a substantial full-time staff that provides a variety of useful and valuable services to its members. The Chinese Coin Forum has a few part-time volunteers who monitor the conversations here.

Third, Mr. Sun Keqin deserves enormous credit for developing and promoting the market for circulating coins inside China. When I wrote in the NGC article that I went out to dinner with a group of circulating coin collectors, it was because Mr. Sun invited me along. That was not the only time, either. Go to one of his well-attended lectures at a coin show, or watch his frequent appearances on Chinese TV, and you will better understand his impact.

The only person who came close to filling that role in MCC is gone; Nick Brown. From my perspective, the Modern Chinese Coin market misses his energy, intellect and fervor far more than is commonly recognized. 

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
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I see lots of bids for graded circ coins.     Even low grades get bids but not high price yet.     Crazy asking prices on occasion too but not many MCC have crazy asking prices.      How long will supply last?.....
Identification Help / Re: Punching to identify
« Last post by giovannoni67 on Today at 02:14:01 AM »
Thanks for the precious help. They told me it was from the 1700s, obviously they were wrong. Which of these characters seemed different from the original one of the time?
Identification Help / Re: Punching to identify
« Last post by poconopenn on Yesterday at 09:22:27 PM »
Welcome to the forum.

The Chinese characters do suggest that teapot is made with Pewter. However, it is a modern reproduction, since one of the Chinese character is in simplified form which suggests this teapot was made after 1950.
Identification Help / Punching to identify
« Last post by giovannoni67 on Yesterday at 05:36:15 PM »
I am in possession of a Pewter teapot with a Chinese mark that should date back to about 1700, of which I attach the photo. Unfortunately I do not know this language, so I kindly ask for help from users of the forum. In particular, I ask if we can go back to the dynasty, etc.
I apologize to everyone if this should not be the right section.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Chinese Numismatic News, Articles, Books / Re: Good Circulation (NGC News)
« Last post by fwang2450 on Yesterday at 05:09:08 PM »
Another nice article, Peter. I myself moved from Chinese precious metal commemoratives to circulating coins. I still buy precious metal commemoratives once in a while, but most of my purchases in the past few years were circulating coins, those used in real life. It is a lot easier to apply what I learned from the US numismatic market and books to this segment, such as varieties and conditional rarity. It is a lot of fun and financially rewarding.
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