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Look the same
General Discussion / Re: Hurricane Irma
« Last post by bender9876 on Today at 02:07:21 PM »
Got through fine.

PM or SMS if interested

The auctions for these two coins end today.

Current bids:
1987Y 1/2 Gold Panda (in OMP) $600

2011 1/2 Gold Panda (in OMP)  $625
I have few sets left of 2017 ANA Silver and Trimetal Pieforts NGC PF69 (100 mintage) that I want to sell before closing the books for the year.  The coins look great in person and I am keeping 3 sets for my personal collection long term.

Serious long term collectors email or text 608-695-0285.
Yuan Shih Kai Dollar / Re: Yuan Shih Kai (Fatman Dollar ) with Soviet Chop
« Last post by bender9876 on Yesterday at 06:24:34 PM »
Great information, Thank you
Yuan Shih Kai Dollar / Re: Yuan Shih Kai (Fatman Dollar ) with Soviet Chop
« Last post by Juno Moneta on Yesterday at 05:47:40 PM »
The Communist "Soviet" Chinese period of coinage is very confusing. I've studied this area of numismatics for at least 25 years and NOBODY really knows a lot of the details. The Soviet Chinese are definitely known to have counterfeited YSK 'Fatman' dollars up until their ultimate take over in 1949. They needed good silver to exchange for war materiel and food, etc. Today of course everything is faked in China. What you want to know is if a coin is worth something or not. I have an 'authentic' Soviet C/S YSK and I also bought a modern fake to compare the difference, they are usually easy to tell apart. Soviet and Nationalist era FANTASY coins are still very collectible. Your example above would be considered a fantasy and contemporary with the Soviet period - not a modern fake. The Soviets wanted good metal to maintain their reputations as trusted traders. Nationalists who caught merchants with SOVIET countermarks were immediately executed. So I never bought the story that a jeweler (or his assistant) manufactured these for sale in Shanghai. You can see a full range of SOVIET coins in my Moneta Museum:
$60 F & F Paypal payment sent on Friday 12/8/2017. Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: is registred mail of coin to China safe?
« Last post by bender9876 on Yesterday at 02:12:24 PM »
I have gotten a few, no problems
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