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I don't usually criticize coins and medals since taste and styles vary and it may not be well received by some as an objective statement.

It is also a slippery slope as already demonstrated elsewhere where competitors put down other's wares. I must immediately say that I am not impugning the motives of critics here. Absolutely not!

Maybe this is a coin whose features can only be discerned with accuracy either with better photography or in real life.

My interest is if the design similarities with a prior Panda coin means the same artist(s) did both of them. The bamboo design certainly looks close to the current design of the bullion Panda coins although that is not a bad thing in itself. Interestingly I can see the "Ge" Chinese character in the bamboo leaves!
I am not a fan of the panda side design. Similar to 2001/02, but even worse.

FWIW, the 2001/2002 Panda design won the Coin of the Year award as the world's best gold coin design.

I think it's worth pointing out that Chinese coins and medals are designed by individual artists, although sometimes two, or even three, artists can have a hand in a single issue. I'm pretty sure the 2017 ANA medals are by a different artist than the 2016 ones by Yu Min. The different styles reflect that.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
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The Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide 3

Oh no!  I don't like the look of those at all.  I think I'll be cancelling my order. I'm sad. I was looking forward to holding this in my hand.  I may cancel and wait for the finished product to determine if I want it.  I'm debating it.  I will not be buying the one from modern coin mart due to the higher mintage amount.  I've been learning a lot about the panda coins here and picked up a book too.  So, maybe I should stick with those.  Thanks for posting the pictures.  I wonder why the Panda America version doesn't have the lamp?  Anyone know?

I just saw Mirkkanen's post.  I didn't mean to come across as not nice.  I don't think the other folks did either.  I think we are being honest?  Maybe they will look better when we can see the actual medal?  And we can share accordingly.  The pictures are not flattering, but maybe the real thing will be.
Didn't your moms teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say  . . . ?
I am not a fan of the panda side design. Similar to 2001/02, but even worse.
hey guys,

here are the 1st images from the Shanghai Mint of the silver Denver Panda commemoratives:

Is it me or does it look to you guys like a rush job.
It does not look to me like a thing of beauty like the ANA Anaheim Panda.

Does anyone know what ANA medal is actually issued by ANA when one opts for the medal as part of ANA Denver Registration?

Is this one or the other of these Panda medals or is there a separate ANA Denver medal that is not Panda related?

What's It Worth? / Re: Holographic panda
« Last post by KeepOnTrying! on Yesterday at 12:59:04 AM »
It also won't be graded by the TPGs.
topic says it all. Beautiful coin. With all boxes and paperwork. Problem free perfect coin. If you can pay by Friends and Family paypal I will pay half the shipping the box is huge probably around $15 to ship. If invoice through paypal, please add actual shipping costs to the price. USA only.
The prices for proof circulated coins are relatively stable during last few years. However, for highest graded proof coins, the premium is excellent. Please note 1993 copper proof panda, the valuation of PF68 ($5,100) is about 600% higher than PF67 ($820).

Here are price listing for 7/10/2017 and 3/31/2016 respectively from

China Imperial & Republic / Re: 1911 China coin to see is to believe
« Last post by linlaujiou on July 19, 2017, 08:34:55 PM »
1.   玩藏機制幣.我不信權威.只是盡力收集錢幣實物來驗證歷史傳說.
2.   史上相傳戶部庫平一兩是大清國光緒29年委請日本大阪造幣廠雕制25組幣模.1911宣統三年立龍伍角輔幣應流通量需求模組數料應更多..但相關實際數據歷史全無記載.
3.   中國舊社會某幣商曾收藏48枚宣三伍角立龍.其後代多年前整批釋出後.個人是承接的第三手.除了前手留存兩枚作紀念.其餘46枚全數買進.
4.   46枚中除一枚屬複打幣.其餘45枚在照相.仔細比對後發現.45枚均分屬不同版別.推測前手留存的兩枚也是不同版別.
5.   如果宣三伍角曾在流通市場流通過.想必該幣商收藏的48枚伍角立龍中一定會出現多數枚相同版別.其實並沒有.所以這提供一項有力證據.宣三伍角只是承造出版別試打幣.卻來不及大量製造流通.清朝就已覆滅.
6.   單憑肉眼觀察根本無法輕鬆分辨45枚版別差異.在清朝覆滅前風雨飄搖的時刻.該幣商有本事搞到不同版別試打幣.不得不佩服他的能耐與定性.
7.   手裡的46枚宣三立龍.至今沒有一枚出手.實際上還惦記著前手那兩枚.發文只是告訴機制幣愛好者.有這麼一回事.1911宣統三年伍角立龍在清朝覆滅前完成刻制試打的幣模版別數為47.相信這數字有9成5以上的可信度.
8.   手中45枚宣三立龍上半截圖中幣面底板均有陽刻點狀及多線條共同暗記.龍首上方10點到2點邊道上另刻有2至4道細長條紋共同特徵.編號第7枚除外.伍字右上一朵小龍雲型態45枚刻法均不相同.此外龍身麟片型態大小不一.立體感強.明顯添加了智商成份…截圖容後另補.
9.   歡迎有心人繼續驗證. N28
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