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Good buy geek. There aren't too many chunks of ungraded older pandas out there anymore ( still in the US anyway)
It's in really bad shape ? Not sure whether a die rotation adds any value.
You are welcome to say anything there
Wowie Howie    what is price?.....
I would like to get $220,000.   
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Post your newest modern Chinese coin
« Last post by tater on Yesterday at 09:37:56 PM »
I think I got a fair deal on this from my local coin shop.
Pm sent

Hello, I am interested to buy your silver pandas prefer the older ones (2010 and back). OMP's and sealed sheets are best. Graded/ungraded.

Please have a look at the last collection I bought for $6700 (full price what the seller was asking for) here:

Prefer minimum transaction of $500. Please send me a PM of what you might be willing to sell and I will try to purchase. Even though it is 4/24/17 I am always buying so if you see this ad go ahead send your PM. Thanks!

High demand set, CCL will tell you price....  nice set....
China Imperial & Republic / Re: 1911 China coin to see is to believe
« Last post by poconopenn on Yesterday at 05:37:44 PM »
Just want to show the above post by pandacollector is already shown up at Baidu search inside China.
Trying to find out how much this set can be worth, as I dont find anything on Ebay sold items. KM 2017 says  mintage 1400 coins.
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