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both of the following coins have an identical serial number, yet they are different.

face #1:

face #2:

when you look up the serial on NGC, , which one do you think it is?

Is one of the coins really fake?

I see more sales of both types. Did a high end counterfeit enter the market or are there two faces to Mr. Sun but one was put into a counterfeit holder?

This use the serial number 2771161-004 does tell us something is strange.
Introductions / Hello everyone!
« Last post by Summer Coin on Today at 10:54:33 AM »
Hi ya'll I'm from Canada, happy to join the forum :001_smile:
General Discussion / Re: You win some...
« Last post by ccl on Today at 10:47:47 AM »
typo in original post, should be: $67,025.89 (456750 RMB inc BP.) on 7-6-2016
General Discussion / Re: You win some...
« Last post by ccl on Today at 10:40:25 AM »
yes exactly, if a coin dealer, this is usually so.
General Discussion / Re: You win some...
« Last post by Hippanda on Today at 03:03:44 AM »
Maybe what they lose on single transaction, they hope to make up on volume ?
General Discussion / You win some...
« Last post by ccl on Today at 01:56:43 AM »
you lose some..

$67,025.89 (456750 RMB inc BP.) on 7-6-2017

seller sells 355 days later for $58,479.28 (400000 RMB without BP). Say seller commission of 3%, 400000*0.97=388000

loss of ~68,750 RMB or ~$10k at current exchange rates.


The seller might have had an opportunity and needed to raise the capital, there is no shame in these things. As long as the decision is for the right reasons. I've sold coins at a loss too, no big deal as long as it doesn't effect the bigger picture!

I think investing/ speculation drives market prices more than collectors. Probably will always be that way.

I follow (and invest in) other asset classes too and have seen the Chinese move in and out of investment vehicles to make money, even at tiny 2-8% margins. MCC will no doubt have it's day in the sun again where speculators all jump in head first driving up almost everything.
Yuan Shih Kai Dollar / Re: Fat Man Dollar Geniue or Fake - Soviet Chopmark
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 11:58:37 PM »
Some authentic coins were countermarked with a punch to make otherwise common coins seem more exotic. Numerous modern counterfeits are also produced with this mark for the same reason. Rules for determining 1914 and 1920 Yuan Shih-Kai (YSK) dollar authenticity would still apply.

"According to some research, this YSK Soviet stamped dollar was created by a coin dealer named Ping Yu-Lin, who also made many counterfeit coins including different types of Chinese Soviet money during [19]30s, in Shanghai. The punch was made by an ex-empolyee of Fukien Mint. These were leaked out by his partner after they had arguments. Ping later died in prison. The Soviet stamped dollars also found on coins with date yr.9. The so-called Fantasy coins are still collectable but just for fun."
BBC Reports One of Nine Coins Tossed Towards Air Craft Engine in a Misguided Intention Found It Mark

Fortunately no harm as found after engine inspections were conducted for safety concerns. General Electric Aircraft Engines are tested in Peebles, Ohio to test accidentally ingested objects do not cause mechanical failures. But deliberate object tossing into engines is still worry-inducing to engineers because of the large energies involved during engine operations. 🤔
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: dishonest seller from australia
« Last post by KeepOnTrying! on Yesterday at 08:47:06 PM »
that's a good idea. unfortunately interpol's website has no information that i can find about reporting someone to them for any type of crime that i can discern.

I sent you the URL to the Australian Cybercrime report page. Every thing helps.
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: dishonest seller from australia
« Last post by mazinger7000 on Yesterday at 06:19:14 PM »
I found everything, if you want details to support your case send me a direct message.
thank you! PM sent-
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