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Actually he does not like metals  ..this is an area we disagree:)   Buffet is real old school he is still walking around with a flip phone...he buys good businesses at a discount he understands and tries to hold it forever, can knock him for not understanding  Tech and staying away from it. that is understood... but once he gets it he is all in ...He currently owns more than 5% of Apple  .one could argue he got in late ??  on the flip side the biggest move in the shortest period of time in apple stock has taken place at his entry point at apx $100 a share, $170 now (look at the chart)...  one could also theorize part of that huge short term move  had something to do with him entering into the stock, a lot of people watch his moves very closely... What interest me most is he willing to add to that position at these $170 levels. 
You have valid points Arif as always ..... block-chain technology is extraordinary and revolutionary  bit coin is simply not the way to invest in it IMHO  ,  now on to Warren Buffet :)  he has doubled the S&P return since 1965 no one can claim that record:) and did it safely with only a negative return in a couple of years in that 50 year time span.Overall Gain 1.9million % vs S&P500 12,700% pretty impressive
   Compounded Annual Gain – 1965-2016 ............................ Warren 20.8%     S&P 500 9.7%
   Overall Gain – 1964-2016 ............................................... Warren 1,972,595%    S&P 500 12,717%
Lets talk about FANG stocks(full disclosure I own them all)
Lets pick one: the most famous of them all IMHO APPLE  that you mention
If you invested $1000 in the IPO of APPLE in 1980 your $1000 would be worth $394,000.00 if you reinvested Dividends and took in account stock splits.Pretty Darn good
NOW : Now lets take a look at washed up Warren:) 1980 you invest $1000 in Berkshire Hathaway you got $510,808.00 today:)
Why I admire Buffet? he is an opportunist extraordinaire: lets take 2008 financial crisis : people thought the banking world was going to end :) What does he do he tries to buy all of Bank of America for $5 a share:) .THE BEST PART : He takes this huge position with a loan to BOA @10% interest and a massive amount of Warrants that he can exercise or not exercise to buy stock At apx $6  the guy smells blood in the water as good or better than anyone :)  IS he the absolute best place to invest .....who knows?? but if you want relative safety and pretty darn good returns  it does not hurt to tuck a few bucks away with the old man:)

What is Buffet's opinion of precious metals?     I read he once owned a lot of silver bullion then sold it about 10 yrs ago?     Buffet was the first to label derivatives "weapons of financial destruction".      The West is full of derivatives (thanks to W. Bush) so Buffet knows where that leads to.      Why does he not promote bullion or PM?     What is his opinion?.....
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Registry winner include panda coin collectors
« Last post by poconopenn on Yesterday at 04:29:21 PM »
I have been trading future for more than 30 years and watching bitcoin future since CME started it on Dec.17, 2017. Attached are charts for BTCF18 contract from 12/17/2017 to today. For comparison, chart for 30 year Treasury bond (USH18) also attached for the same period.

The margin requirement for bitcoin contract (5 bitcoins/contract) is $88,900 while margin requirement for Treasury bond is $2,750. In other words, you can trade 32 contracts of Treasury bond with the same amount of money for one bitcoin contract. If you short bitcoin and Treasury bond from 12/17/2017 to today, the profit for bitcoin trade is $36,685 ((18782-11445) x 5), while Treasury bond trade nets $113,600 ((154.05-150.41) x 1,000 x 32). IMO, no knowledgeable future trader will trade bitcoin future at current margin requirement. It is just not cost-effective. More trading activities will be happened only when the bitcoin valuation drops to about $2,000 and margin requirement to about $10,000.
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: 1980 Great Wall yuan variety ??
« Last post by poconopenn on Yesterday at 04:19:31 PM »
Usually, coin in pre-2012 holder and recertified green sticker fetches a premium over recently graded coins.  Recently, PCGS and NGC have promoted the copper coins with rainbow tone in several articles. This may create some interesting in this type coin, therefore, the valuation. (MS67, brickless, toned and recertified green sticker, RMB 2,901) (MS68, brickless, RMB 3,700)
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: What's on your shelf?
« Last post by PandaCollector on Yesterday at 03:06:30 PM »
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: 1980 Great Wall yuan variety ??
« Last post by SANDAC on Yesterday at 02:50:03 PM »
Hmmm, so I should send mine in to be graded?  They were just lay around in a box when I found them few years ago.  At least they are now in mylar flips.

Picture of brick vs brickless:

Frank had informative discussion about it:
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: 1980 Great Wall yuan variety ??
« Last post by fwang2450 on Yesterday at 02:22:21 PM »
1980 Great Wall Yuan is in the hype these days, especially the toned ones. This particular coin is re-certified, too.
These are typical tourist medals depicting scenes in Beijing.
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