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Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Post your newest modern Chinese coin
« Last post by jc888888888 on Today at 07:26:01 AM »
Absolutely Unbelievable:)
I got offer from ebay 8% on buys and sells, so I can sell on ebay for the same prices as website for the next 10 days. Ebay is great.
The $799 coin may have small white spot issues preventing it from grading 69.
To add a little excitement for those in the US, I've listed a few nice gold pandas at a starting price of 99 cents.  It is a 10-day eBay auction, and items ship only to US address.  Good luck.

2006 G1/4 NGC MS70

1991P G1/4 NGC PF69

Just a heads up that my auction of two of my extra coins will be ending tomorrow.  Put in a bid, so I have the cash to fund my new purchases  :thumbup1:   N67
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Post your newest modern Chinese coin
« Last post by Birdman on Yesterday at 07:16:24 PM »
I just splurged a bit.  Using the Best Offer, and taking advantage of 8% eBay bucks, I got this 1983 G1/4 NGC MS70 for net $856.

It is true that the 1983 is not a rare coin, but I have a fondness for the MS70 of these 1980s coins that have been handled for 30+ years in hardening PVC pouches that degrade condition.  It is a pop 8 of 701.  About 1% or so grade MS70.

General Discussion / NGC Certifies the Hercules Collection of Modern Chinese Coins
« Last post by ccl on Yesterday at 07:04:46 PM »
One of the greatest collections of Chinese Modern Coins, the Hercules Collection includes a high grade example of virtually every non-circulating modern coin issued by China since 1979. The more than 2,000 pieces were recently certified and photographed by NGC.

coa and original pink outer box included, taking offers
After reading the post about the three die states, I looked at my three silver Dragon Eyes medals and my two silver-plated brass Dragon Eyes medals.  My silver medals are 1-first die state and 2-third die state varieties.  My silver-plated medals are both second die state varieties.  In the past, there were posts about these die states because I already had small stickers on the NGC slabs showing the appropriate die state.

I have not purchased one of these medals for many years and have lost track of the discussion about them.

Mark Bonke
Other Specialized Topics / Coinex moves permanently to
« Last post by Coinex on October 17, 2017, 08:30:56 PM »
We have just sold our domain name to a cryptocurrency exchange. No updates were made to the Coinex site for some time as we opted to develop on and instead.

It is from these sites that all numismatic sales and correspondence will occur.

Our Coinex email addresses are no longer valid with immediate effect, please update your records accordingly with those in the attached graphic.

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