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Photos of small D, 3764927-005
Please note that this coin has a die marking that's different than most small-D.  It is a small dot under the character "people" on the temple side as documented here:

SANDAC, thanks for nice pictures.

The picture of SANDAC’s coin confirm that his coin was minted with the same production die used in minting the three PCGS graded coin posted previously (Reply #39). As shown in the attached pictures, these four coins has a scratched line at the same position. Two submissions, NGC 3649454-001-010 (6/10 are MS70) and 4289022-011-032 (3/21 are MS70), based on pictures at NGC website, also show the same scratched line.

One recently graded (4443698-001) coin, which currently listed at eBay, does not show the scratched line, but has a wider mirror band as marked in the attached picture. This need further research to confirm if there is a new version of SD or just optic illusion.  NGC has locked me out to use its verification site to check this invoice # at this moment. Apparently, NGC does not like anybody to use its site for research. I was locked out after 15 minutes and needed to wait for 6 hours to be able to look the picture again. This happened twice yesterday.

Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: The Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer's Guide 3
« Last post by silverpv on Today at 08:35:47 PM »
crap, is the special over?  I've been waiting for this! Purchased the book, any CCF discounts available?
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: 1/10 oz GOLD PANDA'S
« Last post by silverpv on Today at 08:18:34 PM »
Seem to be doing fine to me! Check out ebay 'sold' for specific coins and their going rates. Some coins are doing better than others. The 2002 has come down a bit, the others remain soft.
Introductions / Re: Hello from the Bay Area
« Last post by silverpv on Today at 07:51:34 PM »
Yes! So much to learn it is dizzying!
General Discussion / Re: Fraudulent Buyer from Texas
« Last post by Clark Smith on Today at 07:28:40 PM »
I just got one from the Hall Group !

The fraud continues.....
Buy, Sell & Trade / SELLING: 1995 Gold Panda PROOF
« Last post by Clark Smith on Today at 12:23:33 PM »
SELLING:  1995 Gold Panda, 100 Yuan, 1 ounce, PROOF

NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo.   $9250.

Thank you,
Clark Smith
Photos of small D, 3764927-005
Please note that this coin has a die marking that's different than most small-D.  It is a small dot under the character "people" on the temple side as documented here:
Photos of 2001D LD, 3685786-032
If "Mr Zhao has access to confidential documents which cannot be obtained by most experts", then he is a top priority to contact.    Can we invite him to be a forum member?    Can a member here keep in contact w/ him and translate information?     Is he willing to produce a monthly letter about MCC that we can subscribe to?      Is it possible to access the information he knows or can obtain?.....
"Unfortunately, except SANDAC, those members who own this coin have not participated in the discussion and provided the pedigree of their coin. However, I do believe if we can have enough detail pictures of these three versions, we can confirm or reject Mr. Zhao's conclusion in his paper. "

I own this coin and it was purchased on ebay. After careful review of this and other forum analysis and especially by authentication of NGC and PCGS. I believe it is one of the rarest silver pandas. I would not be alone in this thinking as over 200 have been graded and are out there.

I again would request that the title of your topic be changed as a simple Google of this coin screams not genuine right away.  Still without definitive proof.

Years ago there was much discussing on these forms about this coin. You or any one could have purchased one for several hundred dollar. Checked it. Graded it and listed back to the market if you were uncomfortable. Keydatepanda touches on the fact that he purchased a sheet for a client of his.

At present this forum is still trying to establish that this coin is not genuine. As of this date it is still not confirmed un-genuine by the Mint, NGC, PCGS. Its authentication has been questioned by Mr. Zhao.

You have now given a small insight into Mr. Zhao. You have mentioned that he is retired. Is he actually retired?

I ask. Is Mr. Zhao currently employed by the China Mint, The Peoples Bank of China, China Gold Coin inc, Great Wall Investments HK or other companies related to these organizations? Does Mr. Zhao sit on the board of any of these companies that would perhaps entitle him to [u]"access confidential documents which can not be obtained by most experts."[/u] etc?

A small note but why does Mr. Zhao feel the need to Repeat what he stated earlier in his article?
“Mr. Zhao in his article also suggests that proof 1987 1/10 oz. without P is “questionable authenticity” and need further research and repeats his statement of 2001 SD as fantasy coin which is not a genuine made by China Mint in the conclusion section of the article.
The article was published in China Numismatics Vol. 2, 2017. China Numismatics is owned by the People’s Bank of China and considered as official publication of the bank.

Mr. Zhao had been work in management positions of production, sales and marketing of China Gold Coins Inc. for about 30 years and retired in 2010 as Managing Director of Great Wall Investment of H.K., a division of China Gold Coins Inc. for exporting of  MCC. IMO, he has the ability to access confidential documents which can not be obtained by most experts..”

Mr Zhao should have provided indisputable facts to back up his opinion. The market is ripe for gossip and rumor. If Mr Zhao is in fact retired and his position/job is not under threat. He is at liberty to make more and more accusations without evidence in the future.  Does he have intention? He waited a long time to investigate this. I don't know. But this forum title should change topic title until there is indisputable evidence.
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