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Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Shenyang Mint double sealed on gold
« Last post by wg on Today at 03:43:31 AM »

Modern Chinese Coins / what the ...
« Last post by PandaOrLunar on Today at 03:35:42 AM »
2017 New Century Mint Garden Panda

Modern Chinese Coins / Shenyang Mint double sealed on gold
« Last post by PandaOrLunar on Today at 03:25:05 AM »
Ha.  Guess I'm not paying attention as when I was younger.  Just notice that the 2017 and 2018 gold panda from Shenyang Mint are double sealed.
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: Are Too Many Pandas Being Graded?
« Last post by KeepOnTrying! on Today at 12:20:07 AM »
For a long time Europe did not seem to mind buying and selling in OMP, in which case it was fine for you to keep in OMP. I can see more are getting their coins graded now but they may still be in the minority just like in China.

The scenario described by KD1/2P is the complexity that obtains for many collectors in America. We like to know what we are buying!

I buy mainly graded coins now. I have, however, bought OMPs rarely but from KNOWN sellers, people who have with 100% accuracy sold me OMP coin grades I wanted (69’s). GoldenLord even exceeded his remit once by selling me a 1995 OMP that graded MS70!!!!

If in the community everyone sells as OMP then that is probably alright but when the incidence of grading increases in the community, you should consider only buying OMPs from known reliable sellers. If possible state your expectations up front!
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: Are Too Many Pandas Being Graded?
« Last post by KeyDate1/2ozPandas on Yesterday at 11:41:28 PM »
The decision to grade a coin is simple, if the incremental value of the coin increase by a multiple of the grading cost then one should grade the coins.  Demand is what determines if and when coins should be graded. 

For example, 1995 1/2 omp, ms68, ms69 all sell for the same price, in this case I no longer grade this coin.  While 1990 1oz proof in omp or ms68 is worth $100 over melt, while PF69 is worth $400 over melt, in this case $15 grading fee is worth it, you are getting 20 to 1 for simply waiting 1 month for NGC to process your lottery ticket. 

There is another approach to consider, how to preserve your coins for the future.  My ordering is NGC slab the best option, followed by non-pvc flip, followed by tight capsule, followed by OMP and finally the worst option PCGS slab.  If you plan to hold a coin for just a few months or a year, this consideration is less important, but if you plan to hold 10-30 years, this will be can important consideration.
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: Are Too Many Pandas Being Graded?
« Last post by bender9876 on Yesterday at 06:32:20 PM »
NGC are better than PCGS for pandas
China Imperial & Republic / Re: 1911 China coin to see is to believe
« Last post by linlaujiou on Yesterday at 06:23:40 PM »
1.   一眼識丁未
2.   不同幣種不存在修模沿用之說.
3.   見識不對稱.非直線.不斷透.
4.   造假仍需努力..鑑定遙遙落後…橫批..都不用功..
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: Are Too Many Pandas Being Graded?
« Last post by poconopenn on Yesterday at 05:11:41 PM »
How does OMP stands against graded in China today?
It´s interesting to read this old treads and see if things changed

IMO, not too much, very few dates have graded panda more than 10% of the known mintage, especially gold panda, less than 5% for common dates. NGC went to China in 2010.
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