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Fake Chinese Coins / 1 Yuan 1988 Ningxia- Opinion Requested Fake or real
« Last post by sbtigon on Today at 05:34:16 PM »
Is this 1 Yuan 1988 Ningxia  fake or real

The weight is 9.29g

Attached are pictures of genuine 1984 bank coin as well as enhanced and enlarged pictures of your coin. Clearly your coin was improperly cleaned and residue of cleaning fluid can be detected at the surface. The edge of outer rim is slightly round in many places and rim surface is lumpy. 1 in 1988 on reverse is weak vs. other numbers (988). Attached also picture of edge reedings, genuine (top) vs. yours.

IMO, the coin is questionable. If this is a genuine coin, it will be graded as XF details, which has a fair value about $75-85.
I added some more photos in my last post .Please see and tell them if the coin is  genunine. The photos are hi resolution

Pls find some photos taken by my camera in this post

I await your opinion if coin is original. The rim/edge may be damaged due to the staple pins around the coin
The coin was wrapped in polythene and stapled all around so I do not know if the rim and edge  damage was due to the pins. I bought the coin from a German collector who got it from China in 2001.
Were fakes available even then?
I have taken more image son my ricoh scanner 600 dpi.

Please let me know your opinion as its a costly coin .

Fake Chinese Coins / China 1 jiao 1987 Gymnastics KM 155
« Last post by sbtigon on Today at 01:48:49 AM »
Is this coin genuine?

Weight is 2.8 g  while catalog says 2.66 g. Is this acceptable range?

I will be grateful for an opinion
Sorry, my mistake. Weight of your coin is inside the accepted range. The pictures of your coin are not good enough to see the 3-dimensional details. I will still consider this coin is questionable, based on the rim (relief is not sharp and surface is lumpy) and the edge reedings in your pictures. I will take another look if you can provide better pictures.
What's It Worth? / Re: 34th Year of Huang, Pei Wang rare
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 11:10:43 PM »
Kuang Hsu Year 34 would be 1908. Although a Chihli tael (y-74.x) was issued in 1907 and a Chihli dollar (Y-73.x, 7 Mace and 2 Candareen) was issued in 1908. There doesn't seem be be a reference to a 1908 Chihli tael in either regular issue or pattern. I would call it a fantasy or counterfeit coin. The 1907 tael weighed 51.2g although most taels from other provinces weigh approximately 37g.

1908 was a significant year in that the Tael denomination system ended after Kuang Hsu's death.

Also see related thread:
withdrawn (one of the 5's sold. ) Thanks.
Forum discussion and help / Re: Badges and Karma
« Last post by dynamike51 on Yesterday at 08:18:57 PM »
NOT by posting a flurry of messages so to reach 50 posts so you can sell coins!  >:(  You are likely to lose Karma this way.

Womanofvalor is a member of 6+ years.  I'm sure she'd had plenty of chances if she just wanted to get to 50+ posts to sell. 

I think she's genuinely wanting to know .....
General Discussion / Re: Why Gold will be flat or GO DOWN!!!!!
« Last post by Womanofvalor on Yesterday at 08:18:46 PM »
Not so. Intrinsic value and will hold its value over the years
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