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General Discussion / Buy gold
« Last post by humptydumpty on Today at 07:46:51 AM »

I will be in china this summer and wanted to know if you can recommend me some places to buy some coins/gold ingots :thumbup1:
Preferably those kind of brands which you cant find in europe.

I will be in Hangzhou/Shanghai, Hongkong and then in Shanghai again.

Can you suggest me some places?

thank you very much

PS: If you know good sight seeing objects in Hangzhou feel free to post them too N16

Please refer to the scans below and let me knows of what you think later there

General Discussion / Re: Hurricane Irma
« Last post by Foxraed on Today at 12:28:15 AM »
I like this track very much.
Lao Tsu 5 Yuan 1985

5 Yuan 1995 Lions Dance

Bottom coin seems to be more sharper in general.
You are welcome to comment anything for these
The famous Cocacola in SIDEWAY ERROR position right below KLASIK on can there another new discovery which is possible to be honest with you there
Could just be an illusion, but on this one it seems like the frosting extends all the way to the edge.
5 Yuan 1984 Terracotta Warrior Variety. Coin pictured at the bottom is mine, top picture is shamelessly stolen from ebay.

Chinese Numismatic News, Articles, Books / Re: Flower’s Power
« Last post by PandaCollector on Yesterday at 01:29:24 AM »
These are very good grades IMO. My brass set (1980) scored lower, probably because they had been handled for years before I got them. Even with NCS they graded PF65-67.

I agree. My set would probably not do better, and maybe worse, if it was graded.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony
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