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Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Coins with very beautiful women
« Last post by SANDAC on Today at 11:16:17 AM »
The coins in NGC's Hercules collection are wonderfully photographed.
Here are two 1992 historical figures from the collection with clear concentric lines which are artifacts of pantographic transfer.  The 1994 silver unicorn als have these concentric lines.
The collection is beautifully photographed.  It is an excellent photograph archive of MCC. 
Amazing Collection!
How many years it may have taken?
Some coins with lower grades should have been conserved before grading.
Looks like a lot of coins weren't conserved, unless the pics are of the coins before conservation.  Amazing collection.  12 10x10 safe deposit boxes, that is $1000-$1500/year in storage fees.
Wow, what a collection.      All coins and no medals.    No Feng Yunming either.     Some i have never seen before, outstanding........
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: Post your newest modern Chinese coin
« Last post by jc888888888 on Today at 07:26:01 AM »
Absolutely Unbelievable:)
I got offer from ebay 8% on buys and sells, so I can sell on ebay for the same prices as website for the next 10 days. Ebay is great.
The $799 coin may have small white spot issues preventing it from grading 69.
To add a little excitement for those in the US, I've listed a few nice gold pandas at a starting price of 99 cents.  It is a 10-day eBay auction, and items ship only to US address.  Good luck.

2006 G1/4 NGC MS70

1991P G1/4 NGC PF69

Just a heads up that my auction of two of my extra coins will be ending tomorrow.  Put in a bid, so I have the cash to fund my new purchases  :thumbup1:   N67
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